You’ve rented or bought an IQube – What Can You Expect?


It’s a funny business, this being human and creating changes in our consciousness… in how we see and experience this thing called ‘life’… in dumping old stressful habits and patterns.

Maybe you’ve rented or purchased one of our IQubes to assist you in shifting your consciousness.  Congratulations!!  You’re about to embark on a wondrous, incredible journey.

I wrote this short metaphorical story to provide you with a helpful way of understanding this amazing journey you’re undertaking.

Because, as awesome and unique to you as it will be, there are also some common experiences people have – frequently experienced ‘markers’ along the way.  When you’re not aware of them, lack of understanding can create ‘blocks’ to moving forward on your journey.

When you are aware of these potential blocks, and understand what they mean, your awareness enriches and encourages you forward.

There are many forms these ‘blocks’ can take.  Most of them can be put into one big, collective human box called ‘resistance to change’.  This story describes some of them.

It’s my hope that, armed with knowledge and understanding about resistance to change, you’ll be able to keep on going, on your journey with your IQube.  Because the truth is, these tools work.  Not just some of the time.  Always.  

(But some things that we’re clearing out just take a bit longer, and we may not notice the results as quickly… Keep going, and trust in the process, these tools and your own inner guidance which connected you to one of these tools).

May this story provide you with inspiration, knowledge, and a context for understanding about how the process of change can occur, when using these profound tools, which are deeply rooted in science.

And may your journey be abundantly fruitful… Welcome to our sound healing community.

The Lodestone and the Closet

Once there was a young child with a breath-takingly beautiful lodestone.  But the world the child lived in seems precarious and unsafe.  So one day, the child hid the lodestone in a closet… it’s so precious and shines so brightly, the child was scared it’s not safe to leave it out.

At first, the child put all sorts of little things around it, to cover it up, well and truly.

Over time, as the child grew, and had many more experiences in life, bigger boxes and packages were added, surrounding that lodestone in the closet.  A couple of them are really huge and take up a lot of space.

Finally, that child is now an adult… and that closet is jam-packed. There’s no room to crowd anything in there anymore.  The original lodestone is now quite forgotten, it’s so small and well-hidden.  But the habit of hiding stuff in the closet is strong, and well-established.

Image/doodle of closet full of boxesSomeone suggests it’s time to clean the closet out.  That seems an overwhelming task.  There’s just so much in there, where…and how… would you start?  And how do you stop that automatic habit of filling the closet up?

Someone suggests a powerful cleaning tool… so you try it.  This tool evaluates the closet, and gets to work immediately, helping you clear out one of the massively sized boxes first.  Phew!!  That feels a whole lot better.

And what a difference it makes!!  Suddenly, there’s room to breathe… and there’s a bunch of space in the closet again.  Wow, it’s incredible!

You decide to keep cleaning…The tool dislodges another great big box… and now there’s even more room in there!  It’s so amazing how much freer you feel.  You’re inspired to continue…

But now there are only medium sized boxes… and tons of small boxes in there.  (Plus that tiny, forgotten lodestone at the very bottom, which started it all…)

Inspired by your initial success with this cleaning tool, you keep going.  But the boxes it clears are no longer as big – there’s not as much room created after each one is removed.  You start to have doubts about whether this tool is working as well…

Image/doodle of doubts...Maybe it’s broken?  Maybe you can clean as well without it?  Maybe it wasn’t as helpful as you thought?  Maybe it just seemed helpful, but it was really just you doing the work all along???  So many doubts…

How do you move forward from here?

Well, that tool is really meant to help you clear out your closet entirely… all the way down to finding and finally reclaiming that small, but ever-so-powerful, ever-so-beautiful, ever-so-precious lodestone, which was hidden in there so long ago that you’ve quite forgotten it even exists…

But now, there are so many doubts about the efficacy of that tool.

What to do?

Some will decide the tool doesn’t work.  And will put it up on the shelf in that closet, hidden away in yet another box.  And these people will continue their life-long habit of filling up their closet.  It’s all they know how to do, all they remember.

But some will decide to keep on clearing, and adjust their expectations.  After all, not all the boxes are huge.  These people sense that, over time, since the tool worked so astoundingly well on those big boxes, maybe it’ll work just as well for the smaller ones.

Even though the results after each small box is cleaned won’t seem as powerful – since they just don’t clear as much space… these people are committed to getting to the bottom of their closet – to clearing it out, once and for all.

And this tool will help them do just that, just as long as they keep on going with the closet clearing.  Eventually, they’ll get there.

What these people find is that, although the changes in the closet are more subtle now, the collective work of closet-clearing itself gets more powerful.

They find that some of those small boxes, from time to time, are quite heavy… and these ones take a bit longer to clear out.

And some of the boxes feel quite precious, and are more challenging to surrender.  These ones are usually filled with very old experiences, stories, and deeply-held old beliefs about how the world works… beliefs that were first formed when they were quite young and inexperienced in life.

(It can feel hard to let these boxes go – these boxes feel like they totally belong to the person – they feel like an inevitable part of how they describe themselves… of how they’ve always understood life).

Then again, this tool is so effective, it also even clears out some boxes which they don’t even remember are in there (so, how can they even notice that?)

Nonetheless, every so often, after clearing out a bunch of these small boxes, they can really notice a profound difference in their consciousness again, just as they had with each of those individual big boxes in the beginning.

As long as these people keep going, eventually they’ll get to the bottom.  The closet will be cleared.  And they’ll once again find their forgotten so-beautiful lodestone, once buried in the so-long-ago.

Just imagine for a bit now, how that feels… Reclaiming this lodestone is another act of power – just like the clearing of each one of those boxes, both big and small.

Reclaiming their lodestone allows them to step again into their wholeness, and to turn from their feverish closet-filling… and then closet clearing… into a new journey of love.

The closet clearing tool will continue to help them, in new ways now.  How?

Well, if you keep on clearing out your closet, you’ll find out…  And it’ll be worth the wait, and all of your patience and perseverance with your closet clearing.

If you encounter questions, or doubts, or blocks along your journey, please ask.  I’m here in service to humanity’s journey back into Oneness, into love.  And I know these tools are too.

May your journey be blessed with love, and compassion.