T.V. Interview about Sound Therapy Technology

Well, my explorations with sound therapy technology now include being interviewed on t.v.

Here it is… I’m being interviewed by sound healer Ann Sahadath, of Clearly Conscious Energetics, about our sound healing tools…

While we intended to focus on the topic of patterns of resistance within any process of creating change, we ended up more fluidly sharing about how these tools work, in a more general way.  If you have questions about these sound healing tools, perhaps you’ll find the answer here… Because these tools can be challenging to understand, we use many examples from our own lives, to illustrate what we’re discussing.

The entire version is just under an hour.  If your time is short, and you want to understand more specifically how the quantum sound technology works, you might want to tune in around the 42 minute mark and watch til the end (about 15 minutes)…

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