A New Story of the People

Image of "our world is built on a story" quote by Charles Eisenheim“A New Story of the People” is a short video, (created by Ian Mackenzie, and Sustainable Human)  which, in only 7 minutes, describes how our own old, individual stories of suffering and limitations have co-created a collective story of suffering on the planet.

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But more than this, using some ideas from quantum science, “A New Story of the People” clearly identifies how we can create, both individually and collectively, a new story for ourselves in our own lives, and for our suffering planet.  It’s brilliant.  And it’s simple.

Image and quote from Charles Eisenstein - "There is a vast territory between what we’re trying to leave behind, and where we want to go – and we don’t have any maps for that territory."But brilliant and simple aren’t always the same thing as easy.

‘No maps’, as Eisenstein suggests, can make the journey more challenging.

While it can be easy to understand the problems stress create, both for us and for our world, these habits are old and very ingrained.

The stress maps are often only too clear.  But sometimes even noticing the influences and impact of our old stress patterns can be easy to miss – they’ve been with us for so long, we often assume they’re an innate part of us and life in general.  They become almost invisible to our awareness, as we walk and re-walk the same stress-paths, over and over again…

But it need not be so.

Image re A New Story for the PeopleOur quantum sound healing tools are designed to powerfully support you on your journey, away from stress and towards greater wellness and joy in living.

Some of the answers to us finding our own personal version of a new story of the people, lie within the newer science of quantum physics.

And while we may feel immobilized by the huge and complex problems of our stressed-out world, if we each clear our own personal stress stories, what we co-create on our planet will be a new story for our Earth too.

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