Animal Companions

This is an area where the benefits of using sound to release stress for humans had some very (for me) unexpected results.

Image of dog, with quote - "Seeing is believing."The first time I witnessed this, it was in the realm of “if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I’d have been very skeptical”.

As I considered it further, after those first astonishing results, it only made sense to me.  Animals who are bonded with a human feel the connection very deeply.

They pick up how we’re feeling – that’s why, when we’re sad or upset, they come to comfort us.  And when we’re feeling exuberant or joyous, they get very excited too.

Image and quote re dog's unconditional lovingSeems to me, that’s why we get an animal companion – to experience the deep connection and unconditional loving that domesticated animals bring into our lives.

At some level, we all crave this kind of connection.  For almost all of us, unconditional loving isn’t something we learned from our parents or indeed, from other humans…

It’s something many of us, who love animals, come to find with our animal companions.  Sometimes.

But what happens when an animal is stressed?  Stressed by past experiences – like living on the streets, or in a puppy mill, or through other difficult life experiences?  What can you do when you love your animal… but feel frustrated and stressed by some of their behavior?

Image and quote on unconditional loveMaybe you’ve tried to love them out of it, to ignore it, to shout about it.  And/or maybe you’ve tried  reading books, watching assorted animal behaviorists on t.v., tried different behavior therapies, talking to the vet (and anyone else who’ll listen)…

We all want to have loving, satisfying relationships with our animal friends.  That’s why we got them.  When this doesn’t happen the way we expected, it’s stressful for us too.  And we already have other stressors in our lives.

These sound healing tools seem to offer a way for you to clear your stress… and for your animal friend, who is tuned into your stress, to also experience relief.  Turns out, it’s as simple and straightforward as listening to your balancing tones (see here for what this means and how it works).

In this area of the testimonials, check out some of the experiences others with animals have reported:

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