”Awakening the Past – Beyond the Trauma of the Past, to a New Era of Creativity”

Image and quote from "Awakening the Planetary Mind - Beyond the Trauma of the Past, to a New Era of Creativity".In ”Awakening the Past – Beyond the Trauma of the Past, to a New Era of Creativity”, author Barbara Hand Clow invites us to explore the roots of the disconnection and trauma we see on the planet (and sometimes in our own lives) today… buried in our long distant past.

Having been a stress and trauma therapist for over 35 years, I’ve seen how trauma can re-create itself, over and over again in a person’s life.  Her understanding of this, on an individual, a species (humankind) and global levels, is remarkable.

This is the crux of what we’re all working to clear, more or less, in all our lives.  We’re just so used to living with unrelenting stress, that often we hardly even notice it anymore.

One of the interesting things she says is that trauma memories are held in the right side of the brain – the part of the human brain that sees things in images, and wholes.  The left side of the brain focuses on sequential one-at-a-time, logical, linear time.  Since a trauma is, by its nature, incompletely processed emotionally (too overwhelming), the memories are often stored in the right side of the brain.  No wonder we’ve moved our world-viewing into our left brains, where life seems more rational, and can be processed one thing at a time, one moment at a time.

But this in no way helps us deal with the traumatic memories, which are stored elsewhere in the brain.

Image and quote re: All a feeling wants is to feel fully felt."And, until the feelings in the traumatic experience are able to cycle into completion, not dealing with it consciously will continue to re-create similar experiences in our lives, in order to come into completion.  Even though we work so hard to avoid them, this is how traumas run our lives.

At least until recently.

We now have a number of people who’ve been using our I-Qube technology, and have been experiencing more easily letting go of old traumas and even, sometimes, issues which are not fully conscious to us. With these sound healing tools, sometimes, the conscious understanding about what’s been released happens after the release, not before.  (You can read about my own totally unexpected experiences with this here…).  All we need to do is be willing to listen to our balancing frequencies.  (You can read more about what listening to our balancing frequencies means, here…)

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