Here’s a truly magnificent, powerful video, on understanding crystals… and their connection to us during this Shift we’re all in the midst of. It’s by Tyberon, who’s channeling Archangel Metatron… and there are embedded keys within the transmission.  Gift yourself with the time to really absorb the contents… Metatron focuses on sharing about Atlantean knowledge, […]


The New Pocket IQube

I’m feeling really excited about this newest IQube. For one, unlike the others (which tend to be stationary), the Pocket IQube has been designed to travel with you.  At about 5 inches long, it’s small enough to easily fit inside a pocket, purse, knapsack or computer bag. It can be carried “unplugged”, and it will […]


Clearing Out Old Emotions…

Ever feel like a hamster on a wheel, going endlessly round and round, with your stress?  And no matter how many times you seem to rise above it, sooner or later you ‘crash’, and are right back in those so-familiar patterns of stress.  Same old-same old, repeating itself, yet again… There’s an old saying – […]


On Fear, Fearlessness, and Loss

So, this morning as I awoke and was adjusting to awake-in-the-world, instead of sleeping-and-dreaming, I noticed the area on the inside of my right ankle.  It was sore. Well, happens I know that’s one of the Jin Shin sacred sites on our bodies that provide us with information. It’s #5.  Fearlessness. And here’s what Jin […]


Our Transforming into Love Press Release

      For Immediate Release. Transforming Into Love… with Clearly Conscious Energetics Dec 5 to 7 2014 – from 7 p.m. Friday Dec 5 through Sunday Dec 7, 2014 Orangeville, ON.  Nov. 12 2014 – Clearly Conscious Energetics is holding its first ever Harmonic Convergence to Love weekend event.   It’s a full weekend retreat […]


Animal Lovers Unite within Sound

So, some kind of unexpected things have been happening in some of the individual sound healing sessions I’ve been doing.  I was assuming (weirdly perhaps) that the benefits of sound healing extended only to humans… But apparently I was mistaken. Recently, I’ve had some sessions with humans who have pets… who also seemed to have […]


Into the Sound Vibration of Love

The sound vibration of Love?  What’s that mean, you may be wondering… Well, it begins with a story.  In 1938/39, just as the world was heading into the 2nd world war, the music industry made what was to be an incredibly important shift. Some say it has continued to influence our music, and through it, […]