Can These Tools Become Addictive?

If this technology is as powerful as I’ve described and experienced, isn’t it risky or dangerous to become over-reliant on it?   What if it becomes addictive? If you’re wondering this, you’re not alone… And it’s such a great and vitally important question… Especially since there are so many tech-toys on the planet now that […]


Here’s a truly magnificent, powerful video, on understanding crystals… and their connection to us during this Shift we’re all in the midst of. It’s by Tyberon, who’s channeling Archangel Metatron… and there are embedded keys within the transmission.  Gift yourself with the time to really absorb the contents… Metatron focuses on sharing about Atlantean knowledge, […]


Our Transforming into Love Press Release

      For Immediate Release. Transforming Into Love… with Clearly Conscious Energetics Dec 5 to 7 2014 – from 7 p.m. Friday Dec 5 through Sunday Dec 7, 2014 Orangeville, ON.  Nov. 12 2014 – Clearly Conscious Energetics is holding its first ever Harmonic Convergence to Love weekend event.   It’s a full weekend retreat […]


We are Story-Tellers and Myth-Makers

As humans trying to understand this experience called ‘life’, with all the weirdities and emotional ups and downs… from the time we’re infants, absorbing what’s happening around us… we create stories. Stories that inform us.  Stories that explain to us why some things happen around or to us. Stories that reflect our feelings… our thoughts… […]



Let’s face it.  It’s an incredibly stressful world we all live in.  Earthquakes.  Tsunamis.  Drought.  Reactors in Japan that leak.  Food that’s been irradiated.  War zones. And that’s not even factoring in the individual stress in our own lives… So, we’re individuals living in crisis, in a world that’s in crisis. That’s stress.  No matter […]


Arigato, Masaro Emoto

Gratitude… Today, I’m celebrating within love and gratitude the many profound gifts that came to us all, via Masaru Emoto, who crossed over today…. I’m so grateful to Emoto for all the powerful work he did, understanding and sharing about the importance of water for all of us… including the power we all have, to […]