Does This Technology Really Work?

Sooner or later, some of us who use this technology end up wondering – Does this technology really work? Maybe we had a profound experience early on with it, and that’s no longer happening… Or, maybe the effects are so subtle and we’re just not noticing it (given there’s little ‘training’ any of us get […]


How Changing your Frequency Changes your Reality

Here’s a  great little video (only about a half hour long), that’s filled with helpful information about Emoto’s work with water, David Hawkin’s levels of consciousness, and a practice which can powerfully assist you in shifting the old patterns/limitations/habits/and stories of suffering that we all carry with us… Time to dump them?   Here’s a […]


Why Your Voice is a More Powerful Ally in Healing your Stress, than ‘’Talk Therapy”

Well, to start with we need to recognize 2 things (that I’ve learned in over 30 years as a  stress and trauma therapist, and more recently as a sound coach): Talk-therapy relies on what you’re consciously aware of. Sound healing via your voice contains all your life experiences, both known/remembered… and un-remembered – what you’re […]


Monkey SEE, Monkey DO – You remember that phrase Monkey See, Monkey Do?  Turns out it’s the literal truth… Not just something our mothers rolled their eyes over, when we’d copied a childhood buddy doing something not-so-stellar. The scientific awareness of this interaction or pattern, was actually first noticed in 1992, when a team of scientists […]


A New Story of the People

“A New Story of the People” is a short video, (created by Ian Mackenzie, and Sustainable Human)  which, in only 7 minutes, describes how our own old, individual stories of suffering and limitations have co-created a collective story of suffering on the planet. See “A New Story of the People” here… But more than this, using […]