Stress and Play

Stress.  It’s a kill-joy. Turns out that’s absolutely true. Over the decades of working with so many stressed out families, this was a patterns I saw over and over again. One of the first places I saw the impact of stress in families and individuals, was on playing.  Playing together.  Playing on their own. I […]


Why Your Voice is a More Powerful Ally in Healing your Stress, than ‘’Talk Therapy”

Well, to start with we need to recognize 2 things (that I’ve learned in over 30 years as a  stress and trauma therapist, and more recently as a sound coach): Talk-therapy relies on what you’re consciously aware of. Sound healing via your voice contains all your life experiences, both known/remembered… and un-remembered – what you’re […]


Monkey SEE, Monkey DO – You remember that phrase Monkey See, Monkey Do?  Turns out it’s the literal truth… Not just something our mothers rolled their eyes over, when we’d copied a childhood buddy doing something not-so-stellar. The scientific awareness of this interaction or pattern, was actually first noticed in 1992, when a team of scientists […]


New A.M. Pocket Frequencies

I’ve written about my excitement about the new pocket IQube [see it here…]… This is an update, which includes information about the new, pre-programmed frequencies which now come uniquely  with the Pocket (rather than with the larger stationary IQubes). I’ve had these new Pocket frequencies now for about two weeks.  And experientially, WOW!!  I had […]


The New Pocket IQube

I’m feeling really excited about this newest IQube. For one, unlike the others (which tend to be stationary), the Pocket IQube has been designed to travel with you.  At about 5 inches long, it’s small enough to easily fit inside a pocket, purse, knapsack or computer bag. It can be carried “unplugged”, and it will […]


Clearing Out Old Emotions…

Ever feel like a hamster on a wheel, going endlessly round and round, with your stress?  And no matter how many times you seem to rise above it, sooner or later you ‘crash’, and are right back in those so-familiar patterns of stress.  Same old-same old, repeating itself, yet again… There’s an old saying – […]


NEW! Creating Change Group… with Gamma Doodling

…Because sometimes, seeing is believing! It’s a stressed-out and stressful, busy world we all live in.  Sometimes slowing down can feel like a wistful wish.  And so can finding fun ways to relax. It can be challenging to discover and integrate building a habit of relaxation.  And sometimes, it feels like work… just like a […]