The Critical Importance of Compassion

Here’s a beautiful interview with Dr. James Doty, on the critical importance of compassion… including within mindfulness meditation practices. It reminds me of some research that was done recently.  Researchers compared a group of long-time Buddhist monks in meditation, with a group of new-time meditators. The researchers measured the EEG’s of both groups, during different […]


“What Doesn’t Kill You, Makes you Stronger”

We’ve all heard the phrase, “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.”  And while it may feel like an over-statement to those in the throes of a traumatic crisis, it turns out this statement actually does hold some valid, scientific truth. HuffPost Senior Writer Carolyn Gregoire reports on this phenomenon in her book, co-written with […]


Stress and Play

Stress.  It’s a kill-joy. Turns out that’s absolutely true. Over the decades of working with so many stressed out families, this was a patterns I saw over and over again. One of the first places I saw the impact of stress in families and individuals, was on playing.  Playing together.  Playing on their own. I […]


Monkey SEE, Monkey DO – You remember that phrase Monkey See, Monkey Do?  Turns out it’s the literal truth… Not just something our mothers rolled their eyes over, when we’d copied a childhood buddy doing something not-so-stellar. The scientific awareness of this interaction or pattern, was actually first noticed in 1992, when a team of scientists […]