Clearing Out Old Emotions…

Ever feel like a hamster on a wheel, going endlessly round and round, with your stress?  And no matter how many times you seem to rise above it, sooner or later you ‘crash’, and are right back in those so-familiar patterns of stress.  Same old-same old, repeating itself, yet again…

Image doodle re all paths lead to god/dessThere’s an old saying – “All paths lead to God”.  And I believe it to be true.  But let’s face it – some paths are going to be shorter and more direct than others.

Maybe you’ve noticed this too – many of the mystical paths can take years and years to learn and master.

The path offered by the science of the IQube technology is the shortest and simplest route I’ve been able to find in my own searching of over 40 years.

No matter how long the path, they’re all going to focus sooner or later, on clearing out the emotional reactivity that trapped our brains into re-experiencing our unfinished early emotional traumas/stressful events, over and over, throughout our subsequent lives…

Why the endless been-here-and-done-this-so-many-times-it’s-not-even-funny?  To bring them into completion, so we can move on.  But where’s the completion, in the hampster-on-a-wheel repetition?

Someone once said, “All a feeling wants is to be fully felt”.

And of course, this is easy and pleasurable when we’re having fun, or feeling love, joy, compassion, gratitude.

Image re doodle about negative feeling statesBut obviously and understandably, it’s much more challenging when the feeling is fear, anger, terror, hurt, betrayal, pain – in short, any of the old emotions associated with human suffering.

But not feeling them fully comes at a tremendous cost to our health and well-being.

To really understand the impact of holding onto unprocessed, or incompletely felt feelings, you might want to watch the movie – “E-Motion The Movie“.  It does an excellent job of identifying how unprocessed emotional stress wreaks havoc with our health.

However, it’s one thing to identify the problem… and quite another to find the solution.

There are so many modalities and choices out there – I know.  I spent over 40 years tracking down whatever came across my path, to assist me, and to offer both hope and help to the traumatized children and families with whom I’ve been privileged to work.

What I love about the IQube technology is that it’s backed by current, cutting edge understandings about how the human brain works.  This includes both how our old emotional patterns get stuck in a rewind/play loop, and how to train the brain into quickly and efficiently processing those old emotions into completion… While also building new neural circuitry that can lead us forward into love and more of our human potential.

And, it’s faster than any other methodology I’ve found.  The voice analysis system, for example, pinpoints (by comparing your own voice sample to over 1.5 billion sounds in the human voice range) with laser-like focus the specific, unique places where stress shows up in your voice… and creates a soundtrack to listen to, which offers the sounds which specifically balance your voice… And in the process, to effortlessly release those unprocessed old emotions.  All you need to do is just listen to your balancing sound frequencies…

Image and quote re studies on sound healingAnd the ‘retrain the brain’ process within which this is embedded, allows you to train your brain faster into new states of consciousness, which leave stress and negativity behind you in the dust.

Take, for example, the gamma frequencies.  These are the fastest moving, and so have been the most elusive to measure (using EEG’s), of all the brainwave frequencies – they move from the back of the brain to the front, in a sweeping movement that encompasses all parts of the brain, 40 times in every second.  Now, that’s fast.

In research with long-time Tibetan monks, when they were asked to focus in their meditation on compassion, their brains immediately shifted into the gamma frequencies.

But for most of us, unless we’ve had 40 years of rigorous meditation training (or meditate 4 hours each morning, like the Dalai Lama), the gamma frequencies are rarely experienced.  Not our fault.  Just the way it’s been, for a long time now.

But with the IQubes, not only can we easily experience the gamma frequencies… and the state of loving-kindness, compassion, and deep relaxation which they produce, we can also train our brains to spend more and more time there.

Image and quote re: frequency medicineIt’s a profound gift to humanity.  And no-when is it more needed than now.  Just look at all the evidence of unskilled human behavior (which accompanies emotional ‘unfinished business’) on our planet, perpetuated by humans – pollution everywhere, wars, famines, ecological disasters… the list goes on and on.

We can’t wait much longer, for humanity to rediscover our innate inter-connectedness with all life again.

And to me, that’s what’s so very exciting about this sound healing technology.  We all need tools to help propel us forward, out of stress, and into re-experiencing our inter-connectedness, into love, into growing within more of our potntial as human beings.   And here they are!

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Wherever you go, and whatever tools you choose to assist you, may you travel in Beauty.

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