Coaching Resources

Image and quote hange your brain, change your life."Coaching in the Simcoe County area of Ontario, Canada is available in person, via either group or individual sessions.

In all other parts of the world, some of my coaching resources are available by Skype and/or Zoom.

I offer:

All my groups and individual sessions use cutting edge, 21st century sound frequencies, to assist with easily re-training your brain away from both your conscious and unconscious stress habits… and into deeper relaxation, compassion, and creativity.

All my services are intended to assist you in re-connecting to your own inner wisdom, to Source… to support your learning to live within your greater human potential, within creative joy.

Information about your energy exchange (fees), can be found here.

To check out my calendar of upcoming events, have a look here…

I’d be honored to work with you.  Please use my Contact Me page here, to get in touch.

Namaste, deb

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