Phoenix Rises: Womens’ Empowerment

In this 6 week group, we’ll be learning basic doodling skills, as they apply to our sacred work constructing new patterns of change in our lives, moving into feeling empowered as women, reclaiming our personal authority and agency in the world.

This is transformational work that benefits each and all of us as women… and contributes to powerful, much-needed healing on planet Earth.  Come with a willing heart, for an extraordinary journey…

I’ll be sharing how my own doodling went from this…

Image - my pre-gamma doodles





To this (within weeks)…

Image of my first Gamma Doodle








To this (more recently)…

Image re: doodling along... progress





In a free introductory session, I’ll share about the tools we’ll be using…

  • Why Transform? (Dalai Lama’s quote)
  • Why Sound/Frequencies? (what are we made of; our body memories)
  • Why Gamma frequencies? (2 research outcomes)
  • Why Doodling? (stepping into our creativity; easy; research)
  • Why Tapping? (East meets West)
  • Group voice session meditation (learning through experience)

Week 1 – Transforming our World, One Heart at a Time – ‘Tap-dancing’ our way from fear into love, with EFT and Doodling

  • Changing patterns – Developing new neural pathways in our brains – coherence instead of chaos; learning to listen to our own inner wisdom, while doing…
  • Learning to tap [EFT] to clear out old patterns and habits
  • Getting comfortable with the doodling tools – choosing 3 patterns for self-expression and self-awareness – using black and white
  • Focus on choosing 3 patterns that express something that reminds you of joy or playfulness or calm

Week 2 – Out of the Darkness, into the Light – Transforming powerlessness into feminine power

  • What is feminine power, and how is it different from what we’re all used to experiencing (‘power-over’)?
  • Choose 3 doodling patterns
  • Playing with heavy lines, light lines – claiming our power as women

Week 3 – Learning to Trust Again – Me first

  • Opening to trusting ourselves, and our own feminine intuition
  • Oxygen in an airplane – learning to care for ourselves first – why this matters
  • Choose 3 doodling patterns – trusting your intuition to guide you forward: trusting you, trusting the Universe

Week 4 – Claiming your Voice – Moving from passivity/’freeze’ response into flow

  • Creating change – moving from surviving into thriving…
  • Understanding the ‘gestalt’ of conscious awareness – figure/ground
  • Choose 3 doodling patterns – playing with background/foreground

Week 5 – Surrendering into Love – What needs to be released within gratitude

  • How forgiveness and gratitude release the brakes, allowing us to enter into new possibilities
  • “Dorothy lands in Oz” – adding in color

Week 6 – “Bring Me That Horizon” – Moving into the Present, and Facing a New Future

  • Group affirmation sound session
  • Self portrait (yes, you can!  I’ve made this easy – you can either choose to doodle an abstract image of your doodling ‘patterns of power’, or use a template outline of a power animal, to fill in with your favorite patterns of power’ if you’d prefer) – with an affirmation of your choice
  • Celebrating all that we are be-coming


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