The Critical Importance of Compassion

Image and quote re: In general most people have not maximized their ability to be compassionate. Dr. James DotyHere’s a beautiful interview with Dr. James Doty, on the critical importance of compassion… including within mindfulness meditation practices.

It reminds me of some research that was done recently.  Researchers compared a group of long-time Buddhist monks in meditation, with a group of new-time meditators.

The researchers measured the EEG’s of both groups, during different meditative sub-tests.

Surprisingly, they found that the new meditators did equally well as the monks on all sub-tests but one…

When the two groups were invited to meditate on compassion, every single one of the monks’ EEG’s showed them cycling in the Gamma frequencies. And not one of the new meditators knew how to get their brains do this.

Gamma frequencies are the key to compassion…

Image and question about entraining to gammaGetting our brains to cycle in the Gamma frequencies, where it’s easier to experience compassion, can be challenging.

It’s like trying to drive to an unfamiliar destination without a map to guide us. Eventually, we may find our way there (but it’s so much more efficient to have a map, or better still, a GPS that guides us there unerringly).

So, we can either take the long and winding road without a map – like training our brains into gamma by long-time meditation practice.  This works, but takes a very long time, neurologically speaking, to develop the neural maps that take us into the Gamma frequencies.

Image and quote about the healing power of gamma frequencies.Or, just like with a GPS, with the sound healing system I use, you can easily re-train your brain to get into gamma.  Simply listening to the gamma frequencies helps you develop the neural pathways that take you straight into gamma…

(FYI, in addition to developing your compassion, gamma frequencies are also where deep creativity and profound focus are found…).

In my mind, it’s Gamma frequencies, along with the compassion and deep creativity that we can develop there, that provide us with the likeliest way to enable us humans to create brand new solutions to living sustainably and peacefully together on planet Earth.

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