I want to warmly welcome you to my Courageous Questing website.

Image of a warm disclaimerAnd I really wish there was a friendlier title for this page (‘disclaimer’ sounds so cold).

Actually, I’m just wanting to be transparent and clarify on this page, what my website can provide for you, and what it does not.

Although I have my B.A. in Psychology, and my Masters in Social Work (MSW)… and have had many years offering therapy to my clients… this site and my current coaching practice no longer offer therapy services.

As a Spiritual Coach (“Spiritual Coach”) through the Federation of Spiritual Healers Licensing Board, and having also been certified as a Sound Coach (“Sound Coach”) through Natural Therapies Certification Board… my services and this website now focus on personal wellness… on surrendering to the Divine… and on learning to accept healing on every level of our being, according to our own personal faith and beliefs.  My services and the information on this website are intended to support learning to relax, to manage stress, and to enhance our quality of life.

The Canadian Provinces issue licenses to health and wellness professionals authorizing them to analyze, assess, diagnose, evaluate, examine and investigate their patients to determine what’s wrong with them. This license also authorizes them to advise, caution, counsel, guide, prescribe, recommend and suggest cures, drugs, interventions, remedies and treatments to address what’s wrong with them.  The information on this site does not offer these services.

If you have — or think you have — a physical, medical, psychological or emotional concern, condition, disease, disorder, issue or symptoms, then a licensed counselor, psychologist, psychiatrist, chiropractor, or medical physician can provide further assistance.  The information on this website is not intended to be a substitute for adequate medical care.

In all my services and on this website, my intent is to support you in connecting to your own inner healing resources.  I don’t ‘do‘ anything ‘to‘ you.  Rather I work with you, using the tools I have, to support you on your own healing journey.

All this being clarified, I do hope you find the information on this website to be both useful, and interesting.

If you  have further questions regarding this information, or any other information on this website, I hope you’ll contact me here for clarification.  I’m happy to hear from you.

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