Enveloped in Profound Healing Energy

Thanks for the session at the yoga show.  It was nice to meet you and connect.  After the session and then that night I listened to the CD – I felt so calm.  I felt as if all my missing pieces (that i didn’t even know were missing) were filled in.   Amazing.
Here’s an interesting story: a few days later I got out of equilibrium and very upset by something that had (energetically) happened at work with a client.  I was very upset when I got home and was called to add 1/4 cup of the structured-energized water to a 1/2 full glass of water I had – and drink the entire thing at once.
I went from being a crying mess to resting completely calm, not soothed, but calm and healed (it was like being enveloped in profound healing energy all at once) in like less than 5 seconds.  And a channel opened with some very pertinent advice regarding why I was upset.  How blessed it was to come across your booth at the show.
I signed up for both FB and the meetup. ….. I’m hoping to attend a meet up when I’m back next week to learn more about this technology.