• How do the IQubes work?
  • How does Quantum Sound Voice Software work?
  • What is the significance of the human voice?
  • How does an individual quantum sound session work?
  • What is structured water?
  • What are the seven underlying principles?

How do the IQubes work?

The IQubes combine scalar vortex miracoil technology [tm] invented by Robert Lloy in 1980, along with playing a set of frequencies designed for a specific purpose.

They synergistically combine:

  • proprietary sound frequencies, providing the balancing sounds which are not in your voice, due to stress;
  • scalar vortex miracoil technology;
  • inert noble gas technology;
  • LED light;
  • 24 karat gold and pure silver;
  • and flower essences…

All of which combine to create coherent quantum fields which are uplifting.

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How does Quantum Sound Therapy Voice Software work?

We take a brief sample of your voice.  Then, using proprietary algorithms (ie. the specific mathematical ‘recipes’), an individualized set of frequencies is created, to specifically pinpoint and release stress which is being held in your subtle energy field.

The accuracy of this assessment involves over 1 billion bits of information from your voice.  The set of frequencies which is developed releases stress at the “quantum” level when played through our Scalar Vortex Miracoil Technologies or IQubes.

Think of this metaphor – your voice represents your life, and it’s like your personal symphony.  When some of the instruments in your symphony become out of tune (due to stress), these quantum tones create the space for harmony at the deepest levels of being.  This initiates the release of stored emotional stress, hidden fears, sadness and anxiety… bringing your own sound symphony back into harmony and resonance again.

The personal freedom brought about by releasing stress at the quantum level gives rise to heightened awareness, increased intuition, more expansive creativity and a deeper alignment with your life purpose.

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What is the significance of the human voice?

Each voice is a unique blend of frequencies. Did you know, there are no two voices on the planet which are exactly the same.  In fact, the human voice is more individualized than the human fingerprint, since the fingerprint doesn’t change over time.  The voice, however, does… depending on the stressors in your life.

As such, it is an excellent gateway/doorway to assess the human energy field.  Not only does the voice precisely reflect the stresses and anxieties from our past and present circumstances, it reflects the exact energy blocks that may be sabotaging us.

By assessing these blockages or stresses correctly, we are able to develop a set of frequencies which pinpoints and releases that stress.  The tones then are like a tuning fork to release pent up blockages, memories and patterns of self sabotage.

In essence, we assess these, and create frequencies that vibrate them away!

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How does an individual session work?

After your voice is assessed, the balancing set of frequencies are generated and played through the Scalar Vortex Miracoil Technology.  Essentially, the wave forms generated by the algorithms during a voice assessment, are used to create a set of frequencies which pinpoint, target and release stress.

This is a 27 -32 minute Sound Healing Session.  We then create a personal mp3 for your use, and a customized bottle of  structured water, which has also been imprinted with your personalised tones.

After your session, at home, when you listen to your balancing frequencies, and drink the water which has also been imprinted with these tones, you continue to release stress and further entrain your brain, into greater relaxation.

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What is “structured water”?

Structured water is also known as hexagonal water, which refers to the shape of the healthy [ie. unpolluted] water molecule itself.

“In the human body, structured and disordered water exist at the same time and we have shown that the body’s survival rate decreases as the amount of disordered water accumulates.  The greater the amount of structured water in the body, the healthier an individual is and it is not likely that disease will invade the healthy body. P.81

“Aging is a loss of Hexagonal Water from organs, tissues and cells, and an overall decrease in total body water.” P.73

“One of the things that Hexagonal Water has clearly been shown to improve is cell water turnover. Smaller hexagonal units, as opposed to larger, unorganized conglomerates of water, are able to penetrate cells more rapidly, having an overall effect on metabolism, nutrient absorption, waste removal, etc.  This increased rate of cell water turnover can be measured with non-invasive Bio Impendance instruments”.

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What are the underlying principles?

There are seven key principles to understanding this technology, and what it offers us, in reducing our stress, and supporting us in stepping into greater balance and harmony.

1. Consciousness Entrainment – Entrainment happens in the brain.  It’s been defined as ” a synchronization of two or more rhythmic cycles”.  It was first discovered in 1665, by Dutch scientist Christian Huygens, when he filled a room full of pendulum clocks and started them all.  They each tick-tocked in their own timing.  However, when he returned to the room the next day, he discovered that their pendulums had all synchronized to the same timing.  With our technology, this same principle happens.  When your brain is introduced to the different brainwave patterns, which reflect different states of consciousness (such as feeling wide awake and very focused, or very relaxed, or deeply asleep and dreaming), your brain entrains to this pattern – just like in the children’s game of “follow the leader”.

2. Law of Intent – It’s been said “Intent is everything”.  Intent births new possibilities.  As a species, we’re only at the beginning of really understanding how powerful this truly can be.  Intent is a major game changer, both subtle and transformative in its impact.

3. Frequency Following Effect – has been defined as “an evoked response generated by continuous presentation of low-frequency tone stimuli”.  With our technology, when we listen to the relaxing and deepening frequencies in the technology, our brain follows along, becoming entrained to them.  This creates new growth in our brains, developing new neural pathways…resulting in dumping stress, and experiencing greater relaxation and balance.

4. Law of Resonance – This law is demonstrated when you have two tuning forks in the same room, but far apart.  When you strike one and it begins to vibrate, the other tuning fork across the room will also start to vibrate – they are in resonance with each other, part of the same “field”.  There is an affinity between them.  This is evident in human interactions as well – when you meet a new person, with some you can experience a resonance, a sense of immediate comfort – you ‘resonate’ together.  With others, you can experience the opposite – a sense of dissonance, discomfort or lack of resonance.  This law is also evident within our brain functioning: ” resonance occurs when two or more interconnected objects share the same vibrational frequency. When one of the objects is vibrating, it forces the second object into vibrational motion”. The question is, what do you want to resonate with – stress or well-being?

5. Law of Repetition – When we’re learning something new, the more we repeat something, the more automatic it then becomes.  Neurologically, in our brains this is reflected by: “what fires together, wires together”.  When you repeatedly listen to your tones, and experience relief from stress, and greater well-being… you are literally building new neural pathways of greater well-being, which eventually become self-sustaining.

6.  The ripple effect of the quantum field – The ripple effect, which has been described as “the heartbeat to eternity” evolved out of an understanding in quantum physics, that we are all inter-connected in the great tapestry of Life.

 In quantum physics, the search for the smallest “bits” of matter eventually resulted in the understanding that there are no finite “components” of matter… there is only energy.  And this energy includes our thoughts and feelings (as illustrated in both “The Secret and “What the Bleep Do We Know” movies).

 So, each of our “individual” thoughts, feelings, and actions is like a pebble dropped into a quantum pond, where ripples are created… These ripples move outward in ever bigger circles, affecting all else in the quantum “pond”.

And now imagine two, or many, pebbles dropped into that same quantum pond… and the ripples from each interacting.  If  all those pebbles share the same energy or intent, just imagine how powerfully those pebbles all work together, affecting what we know as “reality” (either for good… or for not-so-stellar!).

The Ripple Effect works to magnify the actions we each create in the world… and their combined effects!

7. Practice of Extreme Neuroplasticity – Neuroplasticity refers to the capacity of the brain, of the human being to keep on growing.  It’s been said that we humans use only 10 – 15% of our brains.  The other 85 – 90% is our potential, the space available to us to continue growing.  Until these tools, learning how to access neuroplasticity, to use it with intent to continue to develop our brains and our experience of life and living, has been a matter of happenstance.  These tools offer us the opportunity to consciously use this potential neuroplasticity, within all the other laws, to grow more quickly and easily.

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