On Fear, Fearlessness, and Loss

So, this morning as I awoke and was adjusting to awake-in-the-world, instead of sleeping-and-dreaming, I noticed the area on the inside of my right ankle.  It was sore.

Image of Jin Shin #5 - FearlessnessWell, happens I know that’s one of the Jin Shin sacred sites on our bodies that provide us with information.

It’s #5.  Fearlessness.

And here’s what Jin Shin TARA (via Dr. Stephanie Mines, psychologist and neuro-scientist, the current lineage holder) says about this sacred site:

“Holding this area of your body will stimulate the energetic support you need, to be physically stable as you take the steps you must take into the unknown.”

What’s this mean?

Well, when we’re living within stress and our old habituated patterns… and life invites us forward, into letting go of those patterned automatic responses we name “stress”, it means change.

Image and quote about life being about change.And though we may think we’re ready for change (if it means getting rid of stress!), it also means leaving behind the comfort of familiar territory, where the patterns are at least predictable…

And stepping into that unknown territory, which I call the “discomfort zone”.

Leaving behind the familiar, even when it’s causing us stress in all it’s unpleasant manifestations, is a loss.  And allowing ourselves to move forward into that loss, into the unknown, takes courage.

Dr. Mines continues…”Courage is the ability to experience the safety of expansive truth and to know that security awaits you when you go beyond yourself into the mystery.”

Image and text re: Here there be dragons...Most often, this means turning and facing fear, looking it square in the eye.

As Jin Shin Master Mary Iino Burmeister (and others) has noted, FEAR is an acronym for “False Evidence Appearing Real.”

And the only way to tell the difference between false and real, is to look at it, within clarity…

To figure out what’s real…  From what’s an old fear story that just seems real because we’ve been telling it to ourselves so long we just take for granted it’s real.

Holding this sacred site, either on both your left and right sides simultaneously, or alternately, and listening within for when the energy shifts, will assist with stepping forward with courage rather than fear.

Image and quote re studies on sound healingThis shift from listening to fear, into the courage and fear-less-ness to challenge and change it, can be eased and speeded up, in my experience, by using sound to entrain our brains to change.

It’s probably the biggest change I notice in myself.

I’ve been living this past couple of years by just accepting whatever comes my way – it’s a brand new experience for me.  No job.  No home. No familiar patterns.

And I would (traditionally) have met such massive change in my life with huge resistance – totally based on fear and worry.

Instead, I listen most mornings after I awaken to my own balancing tones, and just watch internally as ‘old stories’/old worries and fears come up and get released.

At the end of the session, I feel calm, centered and deeply peaceful… and can no longer even remember the worrying thoughts I was watching arise, during the session.

All that’s left, is my sense of calm and peacefulness.  It’s truly a great way to start the day!!

CQ Believing in YourselfWe don’t need to hold onto old stressors.

We just need to let them go, and accept the change  – yes and the loss of the old familiar ways – as we step into an expanded sense of possibilities…

Of who we truly are in the world… and of what’s possible.  These sound tools, for me, have been a remarkable ‘short cut’ into experiencing joy and peace.  I’m so grateful.

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