Goodbye Anxiety, Hello Peace

It’s been 5 months since meeting you at the group session in Hinton, AB.

From the first time I was introduced to you both I knew my life would develop and continue to unfold in ways I couldn’t even begin to explain to the average person, but I know you both know exactly what I mean.

My first session with tones with Bill and the ” tuning in” brought a profound sense of peace immediately and the anxiety I was experiencing daily vanished.

My entire being was filled with tremendous gratitude and love. Life as I used to view it was like an old chapter and I knew my old feelings would never come back… I was thankful for the new feelings and stayed open to a feeling of surrender.

I’ve had new tones each month and have been fascinated with the changes that come into alignment with the path I’ve chosen in as little as a few hours to a few days. Always, a shift takes place.

I can’t wait to have a device in my life!  The Awaken is a fantastic “shifter”!!!

I do want to express to the both of you my gratitude and deep love for both of you.  So grateful now is the time for us to rejoin our lives in this amazing journey of surrendering to our higher state and assisting in the upliftment of thousands across the world seas!

Love you so much…

Stef xo

StefanieVictoria Island, BC, Canada