Group Sessions

Jenni, Toronto, ON

I was at last week’s group session at St. Luke’s which I now realize is where I needed to be that night.  (Many thanks to Sharon for inviting me).

And now I don’t know anything except I know I need more of whatever was happening there. I’ve spent so much time feeling invisible and in that space surrounded by the technology and other beings wanting to openly give and receive love, I felt real, and seen, and heard.

Trust me… [read more here]

Stefanie, Victoria Island, BC

It’s been 5 months since meeting you at the group session in Hinton, AB.

From the first time I was introduced to you both I knew my life would develop and continue to unfold in ways I couldn’t even begin to explain to the average person, but I know you both know exactly what I mean.

My first session with tones with Bill and the ” tuning in” brought a profound sense of peace immediately and the anxiety I was experiencing daily vanished.  My entire being was filled with tremendous gratitude and love… [read more here…]