Group Sound Sessions

Image and quote about the metaphor of an orchestra to describe our health.These are frequently introductory quantum sound sessions.

C’mon out and learn about the technology, and the water…

Try some structured water…

And participate in a group voice session, where a group sound sample will be taken.

The group will then have an opportunity to listen to the balancing tones.  And to share your experiences with the others.

As with all my work (please see my warm disclosure page for more details), these sessions are intended to support you in connecting to your own inner healing resources.  The power of the group sessions is in all of us learning and re-training our brains together, into greater relaxation and  joy  – it’s that “all for one, and one for all” philosophy in action.

We’ve heard some awesome stories from thhose who have followed through in this way, after a sound session.  You can read about some of their testimonials here…

To find out more about individual sound sessions, please go here.

If you have some questions, please check out my FAQ page, or contact me here.

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