Healing the Trauma of Atlantis

Image and quote, re: healing the trauma of Atlantis: "There is a field. I'll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about". RumiThis is a group that’s not for everyone.

But, if you resonate strongly with Atlantean energies… Have a sense you were there… And have some clarity about your major karmic lessons in this lifetime… (And maybe an inkling that they may be somehow connected to that last lifetime on Atlantis)… this group may be for you.

In addition to the above, you may also experience deep, and sometimes inexplicable fears and blocks… Which prior experiences in this lifetime don’t seem quite sufficient to explain… Yet, no matter which books you’ve read, what modalities you’ve tried, which “gurus” you’ve followed, these fears remain.  Implacable.  Stubbornly uncleared and blocking your growing.

  Why This Group?

Image and quote on where to find what you seek...Here’s what I’ve discovered, in my own experiences: When Atlantis sank, we lost everything we loved – our beautiful home, all the people we loved, and our way of life…

Our knowing we’re all inter-connected, a sacred part of the unified field of Love, each of us a precious and irreplaceable note in the sacred Song of Life, of Beauty, of Creation.

In some profound ways, we lost our innocence: our living consciously, joyously “in-own-essence”.

And we fell.  We fell long and hard, into duality consciousness, into patterns of suffering based on feeling/sensing/experiencing this illusion of separation consciousness…  Into forgetting our essential light, and learning to live in primitive survival-mode, within patterns of stress and trauma.

As a result, we’ve carried with us, within our own akashic records, the trauma of that original fall, of all the losses.  It’s held in our bodies, creating blocks to our ancient ways of knowing.

The trauma of Atlantis has also been a part of the akashic records of humanity.  Another way of saying this, is to say that the trauma of the end times of Atlantis has been part of the collective unconscious of humanity, and also then, of this beautiful blue-green planet – our Mother.

In my own life experiences, most of my karmic lessons, across many lifetimes, came from my own actions in that final lifetime.  And I’ve had many fears, and patterns in this lifetime which I’ve consciously been able to trace back to that (for me) original overwhelming trauma.

Image and quote re: our greatest human adventure...This group is a sweet calling together, of those souls who are meant to now assist humanity, by consciously co-creating the release of that original trauma…

To heal it in ourselves, and for our beautiful, suffering Mother Earth. This puts a new pattern of Love and healing into our own akashic records, while simultaneously creating new possibilities for humanity, and for the Earth.

Healing this original trauma of Atlantis can re-connect us to what’s on the other side of all our pain-and-suffering stories… re-membering our original awareness of our Light, and of the reality of our innate inter-connectedness within Love.

Image and quote re: healing the trauma of Atlantis group: "It's an inside job".I want to be clear – in my own life, I’ve done the clearing and re-connection work .

But I’ve no idea how this will manifest in the group.

I’ve just been given, by my guides and my Atlantean self, this vision of us all healing together, within this group format, and using these sacred tools as the focus for healing.

 But Why in A Group?

Well, I’m encouraged by what Margaret Mead once famously said: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Image and quote about growing together...And ultimately, change in a group with a shared focus like this is much easier than “going it alone” – we support and en-courage ourselves and each other onward… This is about shifting our focus from just ‘me’ to ‘we’… Holding the energy of Oneness, of mutual accountability for continuing this focus of our commitment to our healing…

This translates into sometimes, when we feel unable to move forward for ourselves… we’ll do it as an act of service for others or for the planet.  And this means it’s harder to let our fears and resistance stop us from keeping on with our own ascension work.

When we’re transparent about our resistance to keeping on, it gives others an opportunity to en-courage – in effect, we’re all uplifted and entrained by the energy of the group.  Sometimes this means the ‘impossible’ transforms into ‘I’m possible”… into together, we’re doing it!  The very process of working as a small and committed ‘pod’ (rather than as separate individuals) actually re-creates unity consciousness again.  And that, dear friends, truly matters.  

If this resonates with you, and you want to be part of creating this change, within the supports offered by this group, I’d love to hear from you.

Group Details

Image and quote re changing our stories...In a small group of 7, we’ll meet together for 7 weeks, to work with these sacred sound tools (which were also on Atlantis) – to heal our own traumas, related to the Fall of Atlantis, and to consciously work to heal our Earth’s trauma too.

This will involve doing a group voice sample each week, and listening to it together… while also listening to specific frequencies designed to support us in clearing and healing the trauma, and stepping back into conscious awareness of our essential Light.

The focus is not on replaying and getting stuck in the trauma “loop” and our memories (though these may surface) – it’s on being a neutral witness to what comes up to be cleared, and sharing about that.  If it’s in one of us, it’s likely also being experienced by others in the group.

There will also be some other practices, possibly including some guided visualizations and some Atlantean chanting… to fill up the new space created when we dissolve the ancient stressors.  (If we don’t consciously create some new processes/habits, there’s a tendency to otherwise fall back into what’s familiar, if unwanted – the old stress patterns).  These other practices also help us anchor the new shifts we’re making, in our bodies.

At the end of each session, we’ll process and share (for those who wish to) about our experiences.  I find this group sharing afterwards to be such an important part of what actually helps us anchor the shifts and new frequencies within us… so I’m wanting to leave enough time each week for this.

I’ll also be creating a dedicated (ie private) facebook group, for those group members who wish to share between sessions.

What you need, to participate:

1. A willing courageous heart – you need to commit to attending all 7 group sessions, and be prepared to clear your old fears, to working to heal your perhaps deepest fears and karmic lessons. This takes courage and commitment. Please don’t sign up, if you’re not prepared to see yourself, and this healing process, through.

2. This group is not for ‘beginners‘ (unless you really feel called to it – and then we’ll discuss this in your individual session). I’m not trying to scare anyone off here. But you need to be aware that the work we’ll be doing is deep. And that means your ‘stuff’ will come up, and mebbe some old resistance patterns too, to help you cope.  (No worries, we all have ’em.  But these old resistance habits are part of what needs to get dismantled, to clear space for the new).

Plus, all that being said, the specific sound healing tools we’ll be using effectively and powerfully support our clearing our ‘stuff’ (including our resistance-to-change patterns) – as long as we’re committed to seeing ourselves, each other, and the process, through.

3. A minimum of one prior sound healing session – You need this either in individual or group format, and either in-person or online via Cloud therapy. This is to ensure both some familiarity with, and a resonance, for you with the tools we’ll be using.

4. A short individual exploratory session with me, prior to beginning the group – to help us attune; to share about your intent re joining the group; and (briefly) about your Atlantean experiences (whatever awareness you have); as well as the major patterns in this lifetime which you’ve cleared/are clearing – ie. your major ‘blocks’. And to look together at the kinds of resourcing you have in place, and/or will need. This individual session is included in the group fee. If you’re traveling from outside of Orillia, this initial individual session can be done via Skype, if that’s easier.

5.  A small item for the center altar – My suggestion would be a crystal of some sort (since crystals hold energy, were Atlantean tools, and since we’re all moving from being carbon-based beings, to being crystalline-based). You”ll be using this tool between sessions, to support your shifting… and within each group session, to power-up the energy of and for the group, within the scalar field. (But the choice of altar item is ultimately yours, led by your own inner guidance).

The group will be facilitated by me, but how it evolves will also be organic and co-created, responsive to the needs and skills/gifts of all of us.

Cost of the group: $150. (plus GST).  If it’s easier for you financially, you can pay $25. per week for each of the first 6 weeks (and the last week is free, as is the introductory individual session).

We’ll be meeting in Orillia, for 2 – 3 hours a week, to ensure sufficient time for us to process/share about what’s shifting in each of us.

All this being said, if participating in this group sings in your heart, and you’re prepared to commit to attending, I really look forward to hearing from you!!

If your response to reading this is both a rush of YES!! and longing… and, at the same time, a tingle or wash of fear and trepidation… please remember that fear of doing this work is exactly and precisely what we’ll be focussing on clearing.  The fear belongs to the trauma, to the territory our souls experienced, not to us.  

Learning to step through those fears is what allows us to reclaim connection to our essential Light. Healing this fear, with others who were there, is a gift – we share our courage and en-courage ourselves and each other, training our brains to frequencies which help clear the fear.

Please don’t let fear stop you.  It’s exactly what this group is intended to support you in clearing… and reclaiming what waits for you on the other side of fear… your own soul’s experiences, and gifts, as experienced within the unified field of Love in that Atlantian lifetime.

The next group begins when we have 7 intrepid, willing and loving Atlantean hearts, who’ve committed to attending.

If you have questions, or want to sign up and schedule your individual session, you can contact me here… or leave me a message on my answering service, at: 1 (888) 274  – 1134  ext. 999.   Sending you each and all blessings of Light and Love…

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