HeartSong Group

Image of East Heartsong card‘Standing in Y/our Strength HeartSong Group’ is a powerful 8 week program, intended to foster your innate creativity, while developing your connectedness and deepening your communication with your own intuitive inner Guidance – your inner GPS, if you will, to teach you a way of learning to stand in y/our strength.

Want to feel less distracted or overwhelmed with confusion?   Wonder where your life is supposed to be heading, what your ‘purpose’ is?  Wish you had a way to deepen your trust in your own intuition?  Tired of searching ‘out there’ for the teacher or guru who’s going to give you the answers to your deepest questions?

Heartsong can help you with all of these…

Some of what’s entirely unique about this group, is that we’ll be using sound and vibrational frequencies in ver specific ways – to contribute to actually re-training your brain – out of stress… and into states of consciousness associated with deep creativity and relaxation.

We’ll be using specific sound frequencies associated with opening our hearts, and expanding our states of consciousness to include greater joy, emotional balance, compassion and creativity.

Plus, each week we’ll be using our voice assessment process to locate sources of our individual stressors which are held in our voice (you can read more about this here…), and listening to the specific frequencies which support clearing those blocks… allowing us to step into more of our human creative otential.

No “artistic” experience is needed (although it’s fine if you have some too).  This is a group where, no matter how little or how much history/experience you have with creating art, if you’re wanting to deepen your creativity, and connect with your own innate inner wisdom, you belong here.

Using the technique of simple collage, you’ll begin to construct your own deck of intuitive cards.  No more looking for yet another “perfect” deck or oracle cards at the metaphysical store… No more needing to read a book about what the card[s] you choose means for you…

Each week, during the 8 week process, we’ll be looking at different aspects/different archetypes and our own unique Guides – all of whom speak to us discovering more of who we are, as ‘spirits having this human experience’.

What you receive with membership in Heartsong Group:

  1. In Heartsong Group, you’ll learn how to create your own unique-to-you deck – one card each week (or more, if more come to you to be co-created).  Each card represents an ‘inner voice’ within you – one of your Guides/Guardians/Teachers who walk with you (though we’ve not always recognized their presnece).

Image of Center Heartsong card2. The ‘suits’ of your HeartSong deck will be based on our 5 different human ‘bodies’ – the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of being human, along with that fifth ineffable, subtle body which (in our model of sound healing) I call “all possibilities” (the ‘field’ of Creation energy or quanta, in potential before it manifests into specific form).

Woven into this understanding of our 5 bodies, I’ll be sharing some of my shamanic understanding of how these 5 bodies could also be ‘fit’ onto a medicine wheel/mandala.

By the end of the course, you’ll have one card representing each of your 5 bodies, including 3 ‘transpersonal’ cards… And in the 8th group session, now having some knowledge of the 5 bodies archetypes, we’ll be creating an intuitive card connected to either your personal ancestry lineage, or an ascended master or angel card.

3. I’ll be sharing how your cards can ‘speak’ with you – how you can easily learn to clearly understand their meaning for you, when you consult them… This can be a powerful healing process (in my own experience), though it’s quite simple to learn.

4. You’ll receive 2 PDF’S… One with some introductory comments about Heartsong, along with the benefits of creating and using your deck, plus guidelines for creating your cards.  The second PDF is focused on sharing the process of understanding your cards’ meanings for you, as you continue to work with them.

4. Membership in Standing in Y/our Strength Heartsong Group also includes a set of individual balancing tones, for each week.  Send me a 15 second sample of your voice (captured on your cell phone or laptop), and I’ll send you back your individualized balancing frequencies, for each of the 8 weeks of the group.  This will powerfully assist you in clearing your stress (from both conscious and unconscious sources) to step into greater relaxation…

5. I’ll be hosting 4 Heartsong Group ‘card reading calls’ over the course of the 8 weeks (one every two weeks).  These optional calls are intended to provide answers to questions, and support as you access deeper levels of meaning from your cards and their Guidance for you.  You can choose to work with one of your cards with me on a call, or just witness others in the group, as they work with one of their cards.  Both ways offer you an enriched way of understanding how to deepen your experiencing of your Heartsong guidance.

6. Access to my private Heartsong Group facebook page, where you can share your Heartsong journey with others, ask questions, stay in touch between sessions, and get updates.

Image of West Heartsong card

Space is limited to 10 per group.  Evening and daytime classes are available, both in my Orillia studio, and online (via Zoom).  To confirm your attendance, please contact me here.