House-cleaning the Subconscious and Unconscious

Hunh?!!  How can we clear out old stress when it’s stored in our sub-conscious and unconscious?

When we’re not even aware it’s part of us…

Image and quote re: unconscious, by Carl JungMost talk therapies rely on working hard, to gain conscious access to our personal sub-conscious, and our personal and collective human unconscious realms.

Lots of times, we rely on using images for this – could be from our dreams, from journaling or music… or from something in our waking lives that really ‘triggers’ an emotional reaction in us.

All of these are ‘tips of an iceburg’ that can run very deep indeed – into territory that’s buried deep below our conscious awareness in day to day living…

CQ biology of unconsciousAnd yet, just because we don’t notice or see it, doesn’t mean it’s not incredibly powerful in our lives.  It just means we don’t see the connection, between how we experience our daily lives and the unconscious messages or limitations that drive how we experience life.

As a stress/trauma therapist, I’ve spent years with some families, trying to help them discover those subconscious and unconscious memories and beliefs.

It’s not easy work… kinda like walking around with a paper bag over your head, and trying to see the world clearly anyways!  Not easy at all.

And it’s kinda where we humans have all been stuck.  How can we access that un-remembered stress material, to bring it into the light of our awareness, in order to then work to change it?

CQ Auden centre of mindWe’ve all thought we need to work at it, to dig away, to hunt down unconscious, unremembered material…

That’s the model I’ve been used to.  It’s the one I learned at graduate school… and from all the ‘therapy gurus’ and training I did over three decades…

It’s the one portrayed in movies, TV shows and books…

CQ psychoanalysis It’s been like a guiding principle, a basic pre-supposition about change – that it takes digging around, sleuthing about…

And huge effort, to be able to recover what’s subconscious and unconscious, in order to change our beliefs about what’s possible for us.


So, it’s an understatement to say it’s been a bit of an adjustment for me, working with these scalar sound healing tools… 🙂

Because working with these tools has involved radically changing my paradigm, my understanding and expectations about how change happens, and what we can expect in doing this work with less-than-conscious material in us.

What do I mean?

Well, here’s just one example.  Last summer I had an experience, where I was listening to some of our pre-programmed sound frequencies.  And, instead of feeling my usual relaxation response, I had the opposite experience – I felt like I’d drunk 20 cups of coffee (and I never drink coffee!).

I didn’t understand what this powerful reaction was.  So, recognizing something was going on, I just kept on listening daily.  And paying attention to what else was happening in my life (remember, I’m a therapist who was used to working hard to understand, to expect it to be difficult figuring all this out)…

After the third day of just listening to those same frequencies, ”it” was cleared, and I felt deeply relaxed.  At that point, I ‘got it’ – I understood, I finally ‘saw’ what it was about.  But (unlike in my usual talk-therapy way), I hadn’t been able to uncover the pattern in order to clear it consciously.

Image of "easy" buttonRather, I’d cleared it first… and then had the conscious understanding of what had cleared.  Aside from persevering with listening to those tones, and paying attention, no ‘hard work’ involved. 🙂

It was a profoundly powerful experience for me.  Partly because what had cleared in me was really big.

But as powerfully, because it also totally shifted my understanding of how these scalar tools assist us, when we work with them… without the usual pain, suffering and sweat equity… in effortlessly clearing subconscious and unconscious material in us.

And when I say effortlessly, I mean with no digging and probing about, trying to ‘understand’, in order to create change.

Image re: ListenWith these tools, the only effort required is a willingness to listen to the frequencies… and bear witness to the process… to allow whatever block we’re clearing to cycle into completion… without our conscious understanding as a preparatory step.

How does this matter?

Well, we all have old stressful memories.  Sometimes these are stored in the right side of the brain, where there’s no language, only images and sensory memories.  With these tools, we no longer need to ‘’re-live’’ them, or to find a way to talk about them, to understand them…

We can just allow them to be engaged by the coherent field of scalar energy, to be brought into alignment with that organized, calm and loving energy, the pattern of greater coherence.  The energies/memories which aren’t resonating with this coherence (the memories of stress, fear, suffering, or unhappiness) dissolve in response.

Maybe this sounds doubtful or dubious to you.  I get that.  Totally.  It took me a long time, personally (given how long I’d worked in my traditional therapy environment, with all the beliefs, and theories, and suppositions about change).

Nonetheless, it’s true.  I’ve experienced it over and over myself.  And talked to others who’ve also used these scalar tools, who have sooner or later experienced this same thing.

Image/doodle of closet full of boxesThis is part of what’s so very exciting for me, about these new tools.

They help us clear out our ‘inner closets’ of our old, outmoded (but nonetheless powerful) subconscious and unconscious messages which otherwise limit our experience of living life fully, within greater relaxation and joy…

And it’s as simple as putting ourselves within the coherent field these scalar devices create, listening to the  frequencies, and allowing them to help us house-clean… both our conscious and our less-than-conscious limiting beliefs and emotional reactivity to our stressful memories.

Image re: joyWe just need to be willing to consciously connect with the scalar field… and listen to the frequencies.

Please feel free to leave me your comments or questions, below.  That way, we all learn together… 🙂

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