How Changing your Frequency Changes your Reality

Here’s a  great little video (only about a half hour long), that’s filled with helpful information about Emoto’s work with water, David Hawkin’s levels of consciousness, and a practice which can powerfully assist you in shifting the old patterns/limitations/habits/and stories of suffering that we all carry with us…

Time to dump them?  

Here’s a way to do that, within Love!  

If you have one of our sacred scalar IQubes, the coherence within the field around you will greatly increase the power and efficacy of this practice… So, remember to consciously connect your intention to the IQube’s field… and GO FOR IT!!!    

This is how we participate in shifting the energy in our own lives, and on this beautiful blue-green planet, from fear/limitations/scarcity. back into Love/Oneness/unity consciousness.  

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