How We Influence All Life Through Our Inter-Connectedness

Image and quote re: "Pull a thread here, and you’ll find it’s attached to the rest of the world". Nadeem AslamHave you ever walked into a room, and just known someone in that room was either feeling elated (without speaking about it), or feeling down-hearted or deeply depressed?

And felt affected by that yourself, even if you weren’t feeling that way before walking in?

Sometimes, this is called “The Butterfly Effect”… Ever wonder how this works (or whether it’s actually ”true”)?

Here’s a short (8 min.) video by Gregg Braden (at bottom of post) explaining how, when we’re living in our heart-space and recognizing our innate inter-connectedness with all life on planet Earth (and beyond), we can affect (and feel affected by) all other life…

This is based, we now know, on pure science (rather than just ”hippie-granola” New Age ideas)… And it’s been measurably verified to be true, by the space satellites which measure the electro-magnetic field of the Earth.

Image and quote re: "The fundamental delusion of humanity is to suppose that I am here and you are out there".  Yasutani Roshi, Zen masterAnother way of saying this is, because we’re all fractals, or tiny holographs of the Whole of life, of Creation energy (however you want to name that)…

And especially when we come together in groups with a similar clear intention…

We can literally affect the electro-magnetic field of the entire planet!

It’s all about coherence… the very same electro-magnetic energy field which our quantum sound tools generate.

And it’s about our mirror neurons (you can read more about them here) – and how when we all mirror and reflect a similar intent/focus, the power of that intensifies… sending out waves of coherent, electro-magnetic energy… which also surrounds the planet… thereby affecting all life (though not all will be consciously aware of it – nor do they need to be, in order to be influenced).

See what you think, how you feel, watching this.  What does it stir in you?  How can you be part of the solution to all the problems which are plaguing humanity and our human impact on the world?

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