Individual Sessions

Masaru Emoto, Japan –

Here is Masaru Emoto’s testimonial about the power of listening to his tones, from his individual VAHS session [as written in his book, “The True Power of Water” pg 124]

Andrew, Toronto, ON –

I have spent I think heading towards $15,000 (I lost track) on personal development, healing, therapy and have been doing this actively for about 12 years…. I felt like I walked in with about 400 lives of undealt with material, and I think one session felt like releasing about 100 of them… [read more here…]

Lisa, Colorado, USA –

I have been doing my cd and am realizing it is like getting an adjustment with sound. NSA with toning!!! Also the other day I was in Starbucks and a clerk there that I haven’t seen in a while said, “You’ve done something, I don’t know what it is, but something is… [read more here]

Dianna, Vancouver, BC –

I am at my wonderful house-sit in Vancouver now,  and listening to my Sound Session CD on a real CD player…on repeat all night long.  It’s truly fantastic…the shifts are… [read more here…]

Marsaye, Guelph, Ont. –

I just wanted you to know that yesterday I could feel the dreaded SABOTAGE sneaking in and… [read more here]

Brandine –

I just thought I would give you and update on how things are going. As you know I have had a rocky roller coaster couple of years.  In just a week after listening to my tones and drinking my water , I could not have imagined there would have been this big of a change so quickly.  After my first session I noticed how relaxed I was , I didn’t know how to relax the feeling was very new...  [read more here]

Charlene M, Burlington ON –
I have been thinking about you both and am so excited to see you in a couple of weeks. I am hoping I will be able to say I have shed 20 lbs by then (I am down 17!!!!!!!!).I also want to share with you how awesome I have been feeling and I KNOW it all started with my first set of tones in March! There are some other things that have changed as well, but I’m happy to say I’m off the sleeping pills I have…  [read more here…]