Individual Sound Sessions

Image and saying about ending stress.These sessions are powerful in a different way, from the group sessions.

Doing your personal voice sample, you create your own individualized balancing tones, which reflect your personal journey in letting go of old stress patterns.

There is some coaching/consulting that occurs in individual sessions, so the level of support is often greater than in group sessions.

You receive an mp3 or cd of your personal tones, as well as structured water concentrate (also imprinted with your personal balancing tones), to take with you to use at home, over the coming weeks…

When you both listen to your tones and drink the structured water daily, you are accelerating your brain entrainment to these new frequencies, and continuing to release stress.  And drinking the water daily additionally supports rehydration… which assists with flushing out the toxins from your cells… which helps rebuilds healthy cells.  Many have reported this combination allows them to step into greater joy, into “more of who they are” (Ann Sahadath, Toronto).

As with all my work (please see my warm disclosure page for more details), these sessions are intended to support you in connecting to your own inner healing resources.  I don’t ‘do‘ anything ‘to‘ you.  Rather  we work together, with me using the tools I have, to support you on your own healing journey.

We’ve heard some awesome stories from those who have followed through in this way, after a sound session.  You can read about some of their testimonials here…

If you have some questions, please check out my FAQ page, or contact me here.