IQubes to purchase

We have a number of different Quantum Sound Therapy iQubes available for purchase, each uniquely designed to assist you in clearing stress, balancing your bodies, and stepping into greater balance and well-being.

To find out more details about the various iQubes listed below, please go here… where you’ll find our manufacturers’ descriptions of each of the different iQubes, and the benefits of each.  All iQubes have several payment plans available.  Several of them have free e-books, so you can dive in and research the one you may be interested in more deeply.

The newest of these sound healing tools is the OM Pocket, which was released at the end of 2014.

The OM Pocket was designed to be easy to slip into your purse or bag… Plus, it can be plugged into your I-phone/android phone, or computer, so you can listen to your personal tones through it, anywhere, anytime.

With several payment plans available, the Pocket is an affordable way to carry a scalar field with you, wherever you go…To find out more, check it out here: Om Pocket… where you’ll also be able to download your free OM Pocket e-book, in addition to some free frequencies.

To discover more about how our iQubes/OM Pockets work with helping you clear your stress through our voice assessment program, you can check it out here…

And to find out more about our award-winning structured water, and how it can assist you, have a look here.

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