I Know Now, I Am Worthy of Love

I just thought I would give you and update on how things are going. As you know I have had a rocky roller coaster couple of years.

Iin just a week after listening to my tones and drinking my water , I could not have imagined there would have been this big of a change so quickly.

After my first session I noticed how relaxed I was , I didn’t know how to relax the feeling was very new , to let go of the whole day and know it was ok …

…And I was numb everywhere, I just did not know it . Now my smile meets my eyes , I look even younger and I have been told it looks like I have a personal secret that I want to share yet hold onto because its too good to let go…and they are right !!… I love me , I’m in love with me , and I know I am worthy of all the love I am about to receive from the world, myself included and not one person can have that …

I am not numb anymore and it gets better everyday that I listen to my tones.  I stopped yelling and my kids are not sure what to do with it, it makes me laugh , And that in itself is new..laughing….. I am looking forward to moving forward.  YAY ME!!!