“Looking Like a Totally Different Dog!”

The first time I experienced an animal companion benefitting from his human’s sound session, here’s what happened:

I was meeting with a truly lovely light being.  She’d rescued two dogs (one from a different country) – and both had some “issues”.

Her first rescue dog –

is a small guy, kind of Jack Russell size (and temperament) – he seemed, to me, to be highly anxious.

This little guy was kind of pushy and demanding of attention.

His eyes were bright, and constantly looking around.  His ears were pricked up alertly. His muscle tone was tight… and sitting still was hard for him.  He looked pretty revved up.  If there was a Ritalin for dogs (and if it were healthy, which I’m not convinced it is), he looked to be an excellent candidate.

He adores his human friend – it’s a strong and loving bond between them.

So, what happened in her session?  Well, the little guy curled up at her feet (she was lying on her couch), with his head up, eyes alert, and ears pricked.  And that lasted for the first few of her tones.

Then, he relaxed, and fell asleep.  He slept for the remainder of her sound session… and for the 1/2 hour after, when she also slept deeply.  When she awoke, so did he.

But he looked like a dog transformed.  His face was all soft, his muscles looked relaxed, he sat quietyly, with his ears down.  He looked totally chill-axed!!

His human companion was stunned.  She said to me, “Oh my goodness!  He looks like a completely different dog!  Look at his eyes and his face – they’re totally different!!

Pretty impressive (and totally unexpected).

And her other dog?

She’s a bigger girl, and is kind of ‘sound phobic’.  Her human has trouble getting her outside, if there’s lots of traffic nearby – she seems scared of the sound.

So my client was curious about how she’d manage listening to the tones, in the same room.  What happened?

This dog started off curled up in the corner, behind the couch.  Within those first few tones, she moved closer to the speakers and the IQube, curled up in a ball, and (yep, you probably guessed it) also fell asleep!

So, out of deep curiosity, I kept experimenting with encouraging clients with animals to include their animal in their sessions, especially if the animals also have stressed-out behaviors.  You can rad about some of these other experiences here…

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