Monkey SEE, Monkey DO –

You remember that phrase Monkey See, Monkey Do?  Turns out it’s the literal truth… Not just something our mothers rolled their eyes over, when we’d copied a childhood buddy doing something not-so-stellar.

The scientific awareness of this interaction or pattern, was actually first noticed in 1992, when a team of scientists at University of Parma, Italy were working with macaque monkeys.  They noticed one infant monkey closely watching and copying, or mirroring, what another monkey was doing.

The brain cells which contribute to this copy-cat-ing pattern are called mirror neurons.  And humans have them too (though scientists are still researching which areas of the brain contain mirror neurons).

Mirror Neurons in Human Infancy

They first develop before an infant is 12 months old, during that magical process of parent-infant bonding.  You know, when the baby looks at mum or dad and smiles.  And the parent, feeling excited about the connection, smiles back.  Then the baby chortles… And the parent laughs in delight with the synchronous love they both feel.  It’s all about “sharin’ the love.”

Some researchers propose that the development of mirror neurons is part of an infant’s associative learning process (ie. the baby comes to associate two things together, when they happen together)…

It’s a critical part of the baby’s brain development and associative relationship development (which is a key component of the human brain’s neuroplasticity, within the “what fires together, wires together in the brain” rule).

Some researchers are also proposing that mirror neurons may contribute to the development of empathy, and self-awareness… And possibly also Theory of Mind (being able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes).

Here’s a great little 47 sec. video, showing a very young colt, learning by watching and doing… evidence of his mirror neurons at work…

As that colt continues to watch other older horses, and practice what he’s seeing, his mirror neurons will help his brain develop new neural maps… Which will have him growing and developing new competencies…

And this same process is replicated in human babies too.

Mirror Neurons Over the Lifespan

OK, but how else do those same monkey-see-monkey-do mirror neurons affect people who are older than 12 months?

Well, did you ever notice how the moods (either good or bad) of others around you can affect you profoundly?  That’s also the mirror neurons at work.

Your brain’s mirror neurons pick up the body language of the other person – you know, the smile, shining eyes, and straight posture that reflect feeling good, confident or happy… Or, the frown and slumped posture when someone’s feeling worried, anxious or sad.

The immediate tendency in the 2nd person (since humans are inherently social and relational beings), is for the mirror neurons to mirror that body language…

And since all our bodies – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, are inter-woven and inter-connected, when our physical body mimics someone else’s joy or sorrow, our emotions tend to follow suit.

Most of us have experienced having a friend, colleague or family member who can pretty reliably ‘bring you down’ – it’s hard to maintain feeling good when they’re around…

Likewise, we usually also know some people who are like a ray of sunshine on a dark and gloomy day – they lift up our spirits.  Just being around them feels good.

Giacomo Rizzolati, (University of Parma, Italy), who first discovered mirror neurons in macaque monkeys in 1992, has stated: “Mirror neurons are how we recognize an emotion in others neurologically.”

Whatever the mood, whether positive or negative, what’s important to understand is, it’s largely an unconscious process, led by body language cues.  And these powerful messages mostly fly under the radar of our conscious awareness.

So how can the IQubes help with this?

Well, first of all (and brilliantly), innovators and co-creators Robert Lloy and Helena Reilly were inspired to design all this technology to create a coherent ”field”… to which our mirror neurons respond.  The optimal, coherent environment created by the iQubes means our mirror neurons respond by retraining our brain away from chaos and dissoance, and into greater coherence within our innate inter-connectedness.

Because, in spite of how we may think we’re all separate from each other, within the quantum physics level of reality, we’re all composed of the same quanta.  We’re all part of the same field… all in vibrational resonance, in one way or another, with each other… and, in fact, with all of creation – everything within that quantum ”field” of Oneness.

Let’s look at the small and portable OM Pocket, for example (since it allows all of us to carry this coherent ”quantum field” around with us everywhere)… The quantum field it creates around us, along with the mirror neurons in our brains, allow us to constantly re-train our brains away from negative, stressful states, limited beliefs and negative emotions… and step into more of who we truly are.

Here’s what one Pocket owner said about this: “I noticed that when I’m driving with the Pocket IQube it’s so much easier to be me. Plus I’m aware of my energy as well as the energy of others. The difference is, I keep my energy in this bubble.  And when others pass I feel their energy but I’m aware it’s theirs and not mine.  And it passes by instead of invading… lol….Much more peaceful then usual driving for sure.  Like I was in my own space – very cool – but still conscious of my surroundings”.  [Crystal – Hamilton, ON]

Especially if you’re a “sensitive” person, this alone can make a massive difference to your energy over the course of each day.

Interestingly, when you can maintain your positive feelings/attitude, this can also affect others too, who may be struggling with negative emotions (remember, they also have mirror neurons that respond to you!).  You become that ‘ray of sunshine’ that feels good for others to be around…

Another Pocket owner/practitioner discovered this working for her, and for a cashier who was not in a good mood…

“Here’s my latest experience with the OM Pocket… Bill and I…went up to the local store…  And as I approached the counter, the woman behind the counter… was not in a good state.  She was kind of anxious, off…  And I actually was feeling it in my field.  So what I did was, I put my hand in my purse and I grabbed the OM Pocket, and I kind of held on.  And quickly, I didn’t feel it anymore.  I felt more settled.  And I watched her shift too.  Very cool!”  Ann, Pickering, ON

Monkey HEAR, Monkey DO

Research has also discovered that mirror neurons respond to sound, as well as visual cues.  (This was first discovered in a study at the University of Groningen in The Netherlands, by cognitive scientists  Aziz-Zadeh, Valeria Gazzola and Christian Keysers).

With its pre-programmed frequencies, the Pocket also helps you to clear any negative thoughts you find yourself having.

Furthermore, there’s nothing you need to do, to make this happen – the OM Pocket’s pre-programmed frequencies, working in tendem with your brain’s mirror neurons, support you in moving more easily into more positive states, and staying there longer.

In addition to those pre-programmed frequencies, you can also play your own personal frequencies through your Pocket, to clear your negative thoughts, feelings, and stress.  Your mirror neurons, responding to the coherence within the scalar field created by the Pocket, support easily and quickly re-training your brain into deeper relaxation, joy and creativity.

Research has shown that mirroring increases with experience

Finally, as your OM Pocket ‘bubble’ continues to support your feeling less stressed/negative, and more positive/joyous… your brain is also recording all of that as information.  In effect, you are training your brain to move more easily into positive, life-affirming, joyous states of mind…

And it’s as easy as carrying the OM Pocket around with you, and listening to the frequencies which provide the training and mirroring for your brain…

This leaves you less at the effect of unintended “Monkey See, Monkey Do”… the vagaries of the moods of others.  And stepping more easily into living in joy and deep relaxation… becoming that ray of sunshine!

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