New A.M. Pocket Frequencies

Image of Pocket IQubeI’ve written about my excitement about the new pocket IQube [see it here…]

This is an update, which includes information about the new, pre-programmed frequencies which now come uniquely  with the Pocket (rather than with the larger stationary IQubes).

I’ve had these new Pocket frequencies now for about two weeks.  And experientially, WOW!!  I had them playing at a big trade show in Toronto a couple of weekends ago (one day without the frequencies, and one day with – what a difference!)… And I’ve used them to effectively support my clearing stressful, negative thoughts and feelings.

So what are these frequencies?  There are daytime frequencies and night-time frequencies with the Pocket.  In this blog post, we’ll look at the daytime frequencies.  In another blog, I’ll describe what’s in the night-time frequencies.

Daytime Frequencies

The daytime frequencies include a clearing track, which assists with letting go of negative thoughts and emotions.

All you need to do is to connect consciously with the field of coherent energy created by the Pocket, and allow your negative thoughts to dissipate and clear. Maybe this sounds weird.  But I have to say, I’ve been doing it for a couple of weeks now, sometimes over the course of the day (depending on what comes up in me), and also daily when I awaken in the morning, as part of my morning meditation… And it work!  Negative thoughts and feelings are effectively neutralized.

I have a friend who finds this clearing frequency incredibly supportive whenever she feels overwhelmed by the energy of others…

Image and description of several of the Pocket IQube daytime frequencies - Clearing, Concentration, Consciousness, and Emotional Balancing.In addition, there are also daytime frequencies for Concentration, for Consciousness, for Emotional Balancing… all of which are pretty staightforward, in how they resonate in us.

I find they help keep me in my calm and relaxed, stress-free zone.  And when I slip out of calm, these frequencies and my Pocket help return me there, more quickly and efficiently than any other tools I’ve discovered.

The Schumann Frequency

There’s also one frequency which promotes better digestion.  It’s connected to the Schumann Resonance frequency. What’s that?

It’s the natural frequency of the earth, and it’s clearly measurable, in the scientific world. When we’re out of resonance with the Schumann frequency, we’re out of connection with the Earth…  And all sorts of illnesses/health issues have been associated with this… including serious increases in anti-social behavior, mental disturbance, significant memory problems, neurological disturbances, and some psycho-somatic conditions.

Image and definition of earthing - "the process of absorbing free flowing electrons from its surface, through the soles of one's feet...And re-connecting can be as simple as what’s promoted by the Earthing movement…by walking barefoot each day.  This, of course, is another way of re-connecting us with the Schumann resonance frequencies (albeit not as convenient as carrying a small Pocket in my purse… especially during our long, cold Canadian winters!! 🙂 )

Nikola Tesla first discovered the Schumann Resonance in the late 1800’s, but as in so many other areas, he was way ahead of his time.  It took over 50 years for the next ‘discovery’ to occur, in 1952, by German physicist Professor W.O.Schumann.  But the real significance of them yet again took more time…

More recently, in 1979, a connection between the Schumann resonance and, in particular, the alpha range frequencies of human brainwaves, was also established by Herbert König (who was  the successor of Dr. Schumann at Munich University)… suggesting that our  human brains are naturally tuned into the relaxation rhythms of our planet.  How beautiful is that?!

When the first cosmonauts and astronauts experienced some significant health issues while out in space, scientists determined it was due to their no longer being exposed to the Schumann waves.  As a result, modern spacecrafts have apparently subsequently included some sort of device which reproduces the Schumann frequency.  This allows cosmonauts to function at peak efficiency, even out in deep space… clearly identifying the importance of the Schumann resonance frequencies for human health.

For more information about the Schumann resonance frequencies, and some of the research associated with them, check out the recent movie, by James Russell,  called  “Resonance – Beings of Frequency”, where they share some of the fascinating research on the Schumann frequencies, and the impact of being disconnected from them.

You can also look here, at the Earthing movement, which promotes the positive impact on our health, of re-connecting to the Schumann frequencies….

Heart Opening and Gamma Bliss Frequencies

Image and quote about gamma frequenciesThese frequencies beautifully, powerfully open our hearts to the scalar field of Oneness – to experiencing deep levels of love, of compassion and of deeper creativity… All within the scalar field of the coherent energy of Oneness, which has been identified as unity consciousness, within quantum physics.

You can read my blog about this, and watch a short video on this, here…

And if you’re interested in reading more about the research connected to gamma brainwave frequencies, and their importance to us, during these turbulent transitional times we are in, you can check it out here…


Finally, included in the daytime frequencies are the telomere frequencies.  So, what are these all about?

Briefly, telomeres are like the caps on the end of each strand of DNA.  When they’re healthy, they protect our chromosomes, in the process of replication.  But, when they break down, and don’t regenerate, they become thinner and thinner.  Then, only some of the information in our chromosomes gets replicated – and this creates aging, at the level of our DNA.  Protecting our telomeres from breaking down and getting thinner can therefore slow down our process of aging.   Importantly, these telomere frequencies in our Pocket IQubes support maintaining telomere health.


So, as you can see, all the daytime frequencies, which are pre-programmed and come with the new Pocket IQube, combine to support our developing greater health and resilience, which also supports deepening our experience of love and joy.

And, of course, in addition to these pre-programmed frequencies (day and night), you can also play your own personal sound frequencies (which you can read more about out here), through the Pocket…

This is how (my humble opinion) personal transformation happens, when we allow ourselves to be supported by all of these powerful sound healing frequencies.  And it’s as easy as carrying the Pocket with us, as consciously as possible, and sometimes listening aloud through speakers (ie. on your laptop, tablet, Android or IPhone)… However, our bodies respond to the frequencies, even when they’re playing, but not connected to audio sound.

If you’re curious about what’s in the night-time frequencies, you can read about them here…

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