NEW! Creating Change Group… with Gamma Doodling

…Because sometimes, seeing is believing!

It’s a stressed-out and stressful, busy world we all live in.  Sometimes slowing down can feel like a wistful wish.  And so can finding fun ways to relax.

Image and quote re Relax Now...It can be challenging to discover and integrate building a habit of relaxation.  And sometimes, it feels like work… just like a spoonful of medicine.  You know you need it, so you grimly try to make room for it, in an already overflowing schedule.

What would be possible for you if – instead of feeling stressed, tired, anxious, and dragging yourself through life – you could feel greater joy and relaxation?

It really is possible to change this… That’s why I designed the Creating Change group.

This group is for you, if

  • You want to find, or deepen, your connection to your own creativity and inspiration…
  • You want to find a new way to relax, that’s fun and easy to do
  • You’re interested in improving your concentration/focus.
  • You‘d like to connect more deeply with your sense of intuition.
  • You want a fun way to clear “blocks” in your creativity or your problem-solving.
  • You long to feel deeper joy and spontaneity.
  • You’d like to see visual evidence of the changes you’re creating in your life.
  • And, most importantly, you’re willing to risk trying something brand new, just to see how it helps you become more of who you truly are!

Image of gamma doodle flowersThese things are all possible, through the joy of simple doodling.  I know, this sounds too simple…

But it’s true.  And it’s backed in this group by the science of brainwave entrainment.  (So what’s that?  More on that later).

We’ll be using specific gamma frequencies which are associated with creating deep change – helping you tap into your hidden potential… to more easily shift and grow into greater calm, creativity and confidence… To assist you in “becoming the change” you want to see in the world.

Why ‘doodling’?

Doodling is a simple, easy, do-it-anywhere activity which anyone who can draw a simple line can do (Yes, you too – regardless of where you are on the creativity spectrum, from artist to stick-figure draw-er…).  And all it takes is a pen and paper.

Image re: joy“While the process may look intricate, it is a deceptively simple pathway to relaxation and inner focus.  In fact, proponents of the practice note that it has multiple benefits, including calming an anxious mind, increasing self-confidence, and cultivating moment-to-moment awareness in a similar way as mindfulness meditation”. [1]

Other suggested benefits of doodling include:

  • It’s self-soothing. There’s something about the creative, repetitive nature, and particularly when you have no intended outcome, which creates measurable relaxation benefits.
  • It teaches us to celebrate making ‘mistakes’ – to see them as unintended surprises, which can mirror a life-lesson: It’s how we adapt and respond to the unexpected that really matters. There’s always learning to be integrated.
  • It’s been reported to “develop inner focus; increase dexterity; improve concentration; and reduce stress” [2]
  • It supports letting go of judgements and criticism, minimizing stress and anxiety. [3]
  • Improved self-esteem [4] – It just feels really good to begin with a simple squiggle, and witness something beautiful emerging, one small stroke at a time.

So, what’s brainwave entrainment?

Image of doodled bikeBrainwave en-train-ment is like using training wheels on a bike.  It supports, creates and trains real physical change in the brain – developing new neural pathways which, with practice (more entrainment) then become self-sustaining… with us then being able to more easily move into greater relaxation, creativity, and focus, at will.

Historically, research on brainwave entrainment has reported helping with stress, anxiety, relaxation, ADHD, learning disabilities, memory, mood and behavioral problems.  (If you really love reading about science, click here for more resources on the research).

And what are gamma brainwaves… how do they help us change?

When scientists have studied the brainwave patterns of long-time monks who’ve had many years of meditation, their E.E.G.s show them cycling more extensively in gamma.

With new technological breakthroughs, these states of deep relaxation, once only experienced by monks who’d spent many years in disciplined meditation, can now be experienced by you.   The sound technology we’ll be using creates the most optimal environment for doing just that.

Personally, I love doodling within gamma!  And I’m just gonna say it… I’m no artist.  So, when I started working with this combination of doodling and gamma frequencies, I was both surprised and delighted with my very first doodle picture.  (Well, altogether amazed – gobsmacked even – is more accurate!  🙂 )

Over the past few weeks, it has increased my intuitive creativity… supported my developing creative new ways of solving problems… And it’s also helped me relax into spontaneity… for me, there’s a deep joy in just allowing something to unfold spontaneously… I feel both more relaxed, and more focused.  Besides all that, it’s just plain FUN!!

“The Creating Change” group

  • We meet once a week for 5 weeks, for 2 hours each, during which time we are bathed within gamma brainwave frequencies…
  • Beginning with a short focusing topic [**], we then share a 10 to 15 minute guided visualization meditation, to deeply connect with the gamma frequencies.
  • We doodle in silence for about an hour, allowing the gamma frequencies to stimulate and inspire our creativity, to help us experience greater focus and relaxation.
  • We share in a circle at the end, to notice and explore our experiences, with others in the group.

[**] Short weekly focusing topics may include: Short weekly focusing topics may include: getting unstuck – understanding brainwaves and entrainment; working with patterns in our lives – problem solving; the power of intent and the collective; and our “doodle quilt”.

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Footnotes –

  1. Cathy Malchiodi, PhD., in Psychology Today magazine (regarding Zentangle, a ‘doodling-like’ activity).
  2. Suzanne McNeill, CZT
  3. Katie Butler, CZT
  4. Ridgewood Centre Wellness

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