New Gamma Frequencies

“We’re not suffering from poverty on earth… we’re suffering from a lack of gamma frequencies”

Dr. Helena Reilly, Psychologist

Image and quote about research on gamma requencies.In a recent tele-seminar, Helena reported on a study (by Ruth Olmstead, PhD), where 30 students aged 6 – 16, listened for 6 weeks, to 35 minutes of gamma frequencies on a twice per weekly basis.

For all 30 students, results showed measureable increases in several areas of their IQ.

  • information processing speed;
  • visual motor coordination;
  • freedom from distractibility;
  • visual short-term memory and sequencing ability;
  • also arithmetic/number ability and short term memory.

Pretty impressive results, for a mere 7 hours, in total…

Turns out gamma brain wave entrainment may increase your ability to reduce your stress, help solve your life problems, increase your creativity, and help you experience deeper levels of relaxation.

For example, people we admire as being highly accomplished in their specialized field, have brains which cycle more frequently in the gamma range.

And when scientists have studied the brainwave patterns of long-time monks who’ve had many years of meditation, their E.E.G.s also show them cycling more extensively in gamma.

In fact, some experiments with Tibetan Buddhist monks have demonstrated a correlation between gamma waves and transcendental mental states.

With new technological breakthroughs, these states of deep relaxation, once only experienced by monks who’d spent many years in disciplined meditation, can now be experienced by you.   The sound technology we use creates the most optimal environment for doing just that.  (For more details on how you can learn to entrain to gamma, while having lots of fun, and increasing your creativity, see here…)

Image and quote about the healing power of gamma frequencies.

“This is the short cut we’ve been chasing, looking for… It offers us the complete freedom to live in bliss, within multi-dimensional awareness…” [Helena Reilly]

So what are the gamma brainwave frequencies?

And how are they different from other brainwave frequencies, and the different states of consciousness within each different frequency range?

Neuro-scientist Dr. Pino shared that we don’t know much about gamma waves.

It is known, they’re the fastest of all the brainwave frequencies, ranging from 45 Hz to anywhere from 50 to 100 Hz (depending on which scientist you’re listening to).   In fact, the longtime challenge in measuring them only shifted with the move from analog EEG’s, to using digital measurements (since with analog, the gamma waves moved too quickly to be read and measured).

Image and quote about gamma frequencies

Gamma waves travel from the thalamus in the back of the brain, into the front of the brain, at a speed of 40 times per second, creating a sweeping motion.

The experiencing of these frequencies can be described as “peak experiences”.

Dr. Pino further suggested that when in the gamma brain wave frequency state, problems or blocks can resolve quickly, with a concommittent shift in consciousness into a more expansive state, where it’s easier to accomplish our goals.

So if, in order to evolve and become more enlightened,  the key is gamma waves, the question then becomes…

How do we align, to entrain with gamma waves?

Image and question about entraining to gamma

Traditionally, gamma frequencies don’t occur easily in the brain – it usually has required some specialized focus.  Passionate activity or meditation, for example, have been found to support shifting the brain into gamma.

So, it helps to have a daily practice (like those kids in that study) in order to optimize your brain’s entrainment to the gamma frequencies.

And here are some other tips:

  • meditation is helpful
  • visualization supports gamma wave production
  • as does feeling genuinely passionate about what you do
  • lovemaking and having peak experiencs…
  • and love, bliss, devotion and compassion also help generate more gamma
  • and, here’s a fun group activity which allows your brain to entrain more easily to gamma frequencies…

All of these experiences generate high frequency peak experiences, which increase serotonin (the happiness hormone) in the brain.

Image and quote on doing what you love...So, feelings of pleasure and joy are also helpful (as well as wonderful!) in increasing gamma frequencies in your brain.

And when we’re in emotional states of joy, love, ecstasy, and bliss, the gamma waves behave in an interesting way, synchronizing the brain, creating greater coherence in the whole brain.

In terms of these frequencies with our IQube technology, Dr. Pino had this to say: “The technology (ie. the sound IQubes) that we have, creates the field so that our brain can vibrate at gamma wave frequencies…The quantum dynamic field creates the entrainment… [And] it’s my opinion that [our] technology also works at the DNA level.”

For those who have an IQube, or for those who experience sessions live, new gamma frequencies will be added to the Golden Six frequencies already available for the IQubes.

For everyone, these frequencies are now available for experiencing on our tele-webinar series (Fall 2014 tele-seminars), or in-person, within the IQube scalar field, via the Gamma Doodling group in Orillia, Ontario.

Image and quote re following your bliss“We know now that we can, without a doubt, help you to find your passion, your joy and your genius.

And we know that the secret lies in entrainment with gamma brainwave frequencies.

Who would ever have known that the answer was that simple.

The gift is that we have these frequencies at a level of precision that no one else has…

And that we have the amplificiation devices, the tools, the IQubes, not only to allow you to entrain effortlessly, but also to create an environment where you’re bathing in gamma brainwave frequencies, simply and effortlessly.  And that’s the gift.”  [Dr. Helena Reilly, psychologist]

Image and quote about the gift of entrainment

Here’s what one person said, after experiencing these gamma frequencies:

…I feel a lot more natural and settled. There is new clarity and a relief of stress in my shoulders and back. Feelings of lightness and a gentle bliss… I love this effortlessness and relaxed awareness.”   Ian Burton, USA
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