The New Pocket IQube

I’m feeling really excited about this newest IQube.

Image of Pocket IQubeFor one, unlike the others (which tend to be stationary), the Pocket IQube has been designed to travel with you.  At about 5 inches long, it’s small enough to easily fit inside a pocket, purse, knapsack or computer bag.

It can be carried “unplugged”, and it will continuously be generating a small personal scalar field of coherent energy around you.  This is fantastic, if you’re an empath/sensitive who easily picks up whatever energies happens to be in your field.

pocket1Pocket owner Crystal D. from Hamilton says – “I noticed that when I’m driving with the Pocket IQube it’s so much easier to be me. Plus I’m aware of my energy as well as the energy of others. The difference is I keep my energy in this bubble and when others pass I feel their energy but I’m aware it’s their’s and not mine and it passes by instead of invading… Much more peaceful then usual driving for sure!!!”

But even if you’re unaware of the energy around you, it’s still there.  Including negative thoughts and feelings being projected out by others, as well as all the electro-magnetic smog (EMF’s), created by al the radio masts and cell towers.  (If you want to know more about this, and the impact on all of us, watch the excellent, well-researched movie “Resonance – Beings of Frequency” – at

Image re: joyAnd, as with all the IQubes, the Pocket IQube has been designed to assist us with releasing the blocks that stop us from moving forward, to connect with the real core of “all that we are”, to our inner joy, without having to learn or do anything

And, though it’s powerful being carried ‘unplugged’, the Pocket IQube also comes with some frequencies which can be played through the Pocket (It can be connected to your android or smart phone, or your laptop or computer).  These frequencies include some for A.M, and some for nightime listening.  (You can read more about these, by following the hyper-links).

All we need to do is listen to the pre-programmed daytime and night-time frequencies, and drink the structured water…. To learn to stand in our personal strength, and live a more joy and love-filled life.

Plus, your own personal balancing frequencies can also be played through your Pocket.  This means any stressful situation you bump into, can be immediately cleared, whether you’re at home or anywhere else.

pocket 3From Pocket owner Cindy G., in Calgary, AB: “Already experiencing a major difference having the Pocket IQube. The car show on Sunday was much more enjoyable – Protection setting on repeat. Did not feel drained or scattered. So far at work I am able to focus and concentrate on the task at hard – My tracked daily activities have even improved. I totally sleep like the dead with it…. LOL. I have played Magnesium Sulfate the last 2 nights and it has helped with the shoulder pain. Loving it! 🙂 ”

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