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    Welcome to Courageous Questing Wellness
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    What is Quantum Relativity?
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    The Critical Importance of Compassion
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    Stress and Play

How Changing your Frequency Changes your Reality

Here’s a  great little video (only about a half hour long), that’s filled with helpful information about Emoto’s work with water, David Hawkin’s levels of consciousness, and a practice which can powerfully assist you in shifting the old patterns/limitations/habits/and stories of suffering that we all carry with us… Time to dump them?   Here’s a […]


Gregg Braden on Quantum Healing and the Power of Intention

Quantum healing: So, if you have questions about how prayer, affirmations, and positive intention impact on our everyday life, and can help transform our world… here’s Gregg Braden speaking to this… He also addresses the question of self-healing:  Is it possible to effect this kind of transformative change, on our own (rather than in a […]


How We Influence All Life Through Our Inter-Connectedness

Have you ever walked into a room, and just known someone in that room was either feeling elated (without speaking about it), or feeling down-hearted or deeply depressed? And felt affected by that yourself, even if you weren’t feeling that way before walking in? Sometimes, this is called “The Butterfly Effect”… Ever wonder how this works […]


“Autobiography In Five Short Chapters”

I love this poem.  Portia Nelson (1920 – 2001) was a gifted woman – an author, actress, singer, and songwriter.   This poem is well-known and oft-quoted.   That’s because (I believe) it speaks to the heart of our shared human struggles… to free ourselves from old patterns and well-worn pathways of stress and struggle… And […]


Why Your Voice is a More Powerful Ally in Healing your Stress, than ‘’Talk Therapy”

Well, to start with we need to recognize 2 things (that I’ve learned in over 30 years as a  stress and trauma therapist, and more recently as a sound coach): Talk-therapy relies on what you’re consciously aware of. Sound healing via your voice contains all your life experiences, both known/remembered… and un-remembered – what you’re […]


House-cleaning the Subconscious and Unconscious

Hunh?!!  How can we clear out old stress when it’s stored in our sub-conscious and unconscious? When we’re not even aware it’s part of us… Most talk therapies rely on working hard, to gain conscious access to our personal sub-conscious, and our personal and collective human unconscious realms. Lots of times, we rely on using […]


Monkey SEE, Monkey DO – You remember that phrase Monkey See, Monkey Do?  Turns out it’s the literal truth… Not just something our mothers rolled their eyes over, when we’d copied a childhood buddy doing something not-so-stellar. The scientific awareness of this interaction or pattern, was actually first noticed in 1992, when a team of scientists […]


New A.M. Pocket Frequencies

I’ve written about my excitement about the new pocket IQube [see it here…]… This is an update, which includes information about the new, pre-programmed frequencies which now come uniquely  with the Pocket (rather than with the larger stationary IQubes). I’ve had these new Pocket frequencies now for about two weeks.  And experientially, WOW!!  I had […]


”Awakening the Past – Beyond the Trauma of the Past, to a New Era of Creativity”

In ”Awakening the Past – Beyond the Trauma of the Past, to a New Era of Creativity”, author Barbara Hand Clow invites us to explore the roots of the disconnection and trauma we see on the planet (and sometimes in our own lives) today… buried in our long distant past. Having been a stress and trauma therapist […]


Quantum Relativity… So, What is That?

Quantum relativity.  What’s that… and how does it matter? And, significantly how’s it connected to y/our letting go of old stress habits? Here’s a short video (see the link below) that explains quantum relativity, in fairly understandable terms (though it’s still a bit of a stretch, given the science assumptions we used to learn in […]