Quantum Healing Weekend Retreat

In Early Dec. 2014, the first quantum healing weekend retreat was held in the beautiful Hockley Valley, in Ontario, Canada.

It was the first event of it’s kind in the world, with 15 scalar IQubes gathered together, along with over 20 personal Pocket IQubes… totalling 35 quantum IQubes present in the same location.

For a whole weekend of bliss and peace, for 30 souls, dedicated to individually and collectively clearing away our old stories of limitation and fear…

Stepping back into the vibration of collective love.

We had a number of practitioners offering a wide variety of healing modalities which all coordinated with the scalar energies.

It’s only when you’ve lived with a habit that’s been unshakeable, that you can truly appreciate what freedom coming so easily with this technology really means!  It was an incredible experience, with so many stories share, of personal transformation…

I can’t wait for the next retreat!!

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