The Quantum Sound Healing Change Checklist

Ok, that’s a bit of a mouthful… The Quantum Sound Healing Change Checklist… What is it, how is it helpful, and why did we create it?

Why Did We Create this Checklist?

People new to our work with the iQube technology often ask us – what does it do?  How does it help?

Our answers can be constrained sometimes by our limited human experiences with ‘subtle energies’ (ie those we cannot see, hear, touch, smell or taste): because the impact of these tools also reaches beyond just our 5 senses.

Working with ‘Subtle Energies’

The iQube technology represents a profound tool to reduce our human stress, and help us step into our greater potential… into greater joy, and deepened creativity.

But in describing these iQube effects, we’ve found several factors in our human experience of energy, which can sometimes result in either confusion or inaccurate conclusions.

  • The coherent field of scalar energy created by an iQube is pretty much unfamiliar to most of us – and it’s sometimes quite subtle.  (It can be only too easy to attribute some of the subtle changes to other factors in a person’s life… not seeing the connection between the change and the iQube’s subtle effects).
  • Most of us have been encouraged to disregard any (subtle) extra-sensory experiences we may have had (ie. anything beyond the information given to us by our 5 senses).  We may have been told they’re not ‘real’, since we can’t touch, hear, taste, see, or smell them.
  • The voice assessment process we use assesses our subtle ‘bodies’/’energy fields’, as well as the parts of human consciousness with which we tend to be more familiar (our physical, emotional and mental ‘fields’).

How Using the Checklist is Helpful…

In our search to find meaningful ways to help people understand how this technology can profoundly shift how we consciously experience life, we wanted to create a tool to help assess how we experience these shifts.

We wanted a tool that wasn’t merely conjecture or based on some theory.  In other words, we were looking for something experiential and meanignful, based on y/our own personal experiences.

That way, it could help us explain how the tools work.  It could also be useful to each person using this technology, to assess the changes in their own lives.

The items on this checklist are all shifts other Quantum Sound iQube owners have reported as changes they’ve experienced (though not everyone experiences all of them).

You’ll notice we’ve categorized them to align with the visual categories in your voice assessment chart.

We suggest, if you’re curious about how you’ll experience your own changes in using these tools, you may find it very helpful to fill this out before you begin.  That way, you have an initial baseline measure.  Then, you can come back to this as often as you wish, to check on your progress.

What is It: The Quantum Sound Healing Change Checklist

So, here it is… Feel free to print it off, to keep track of your progress.  Keeping your checklists in a dedicated journal can help you find and more efficiently assess your own changes.

It doesn’t take long to fill it out.  Just allow your intuition to guide you in your responses (in other words, don’t think your way through this – just answer with your first intuition).

Feel free to skip any that don’t resonate with or apply for you, if you’d prefer.


When using this checklist, scale your responses for each item wherever it resonates for you between 1 and 10, in terms of how frequently or how strongly you experience each item.

1 = never or not at all

10 = all the time or the most powerfully you can imagine someone feeling it




  • sense of increased calm, peace, and serenity, with greater relaxation
  • feeling less stressed, less anxious
  • more focused
  • deepened intuition/connection to own inner GPS
  • feeling less depressed
  • less time spent in negative emotional states
  • faster rebounding back into positive emotional states – more resilience
  • less emotional reactivity (the same stuff can happen, but you stay in calm ‘’zone’’)
  • more frequent moments of pure unbridled joy, and balance
  • getting along more easily with loved ones


  • reduced confusion/’fog’
  • greater mental clarity
  • improved problem solving – including finding new solutions to ‘old problems’ more easily and creatively
  • easier and faster to deal with challenging events, without losing as much energy
  • less need to control others or situations
  • more consciously aware of projecting blame/judgements onto others (rather than seeing these as internal to us, and accepting responsibility for them)
  • greater flexibility


  • having more energy and increased productivity
  • feeling more balanced, centered and grounded
  • greater attunement to natural rhythms both in and around you
  • increased sense of coordination and reflexes
  • improved digestion
  • greater ease in making healthy, nutritional choices
  • weight regulation
  • eating less
  • your voice changing (a deepening or more full-bodied timbre)
  • your singing voice improving
  • changes in posture as your body releases tension
  • less pain
  • greater agility
  • improved athletic performance – being more in “the Zone”


  • greater sense of connection with higher self
  • increased sense of your gifts/true life purpose – living in your greater potential
  • greater self-loving,
  • deeper self-acceptance
  • greater trust – in self, others, life, sense that all is unfolding as it ‘should be’
  • easier to surrender into living in this present moment, rather than being stuck in reliving the past or projecting into the future
  • increased sense of deep compassion – for self and others
  • wanting to take better, more loving care of yourself
  • deeper connection with your own inner creativity
  • living more in love, rather than fear
  • noticing an increase in ‘synchronistic’ events in your life (living more powerfully within the Law of Attraction)

With Pet Companions:

  • decrease in anxiety and agitation
  • increase in calm

With Children:

  • more focused attention
  • greater relaxation
  • improvements in grades
  • improvement in productivity
  • improvement in reading
  • improved ease in learning
  • decrease in moodiness/emotional ups and downs
  • increase in feeling contented, relaxed and happier
  • improvements in health
  • improvements in coordination
  • improvements in social relationships


Please add any other personal changes you want to track in your own life here.