Singing in the Morning… and Losing Weight!

I have been thinking about you both and am so excited to see you in a couple of weeks. I am hoping I will be able to say I have shed 20 lbs by then (I am down 17!!!!!!!!) I also want to share with you how awesome I have been feeling and I KNOW it all started with my first set of tones in March!

There are some other things that have changed as well, but I’m happy to say I’m off the sleeping pills I have been on for 2 years!! I have been able to change my diet quite a bit and it has been pretty easy (I still haven’t had potato chips since March and they used to be almost a daily staple!) I am singing when I get up in the morning (NEVER thought I’d ever say that!) but it’s true!

I was telling a girlfriend awhile back, how different and amazing Debra looked when I saw her at the meditation at her apartment in March – it was subtle as in I couldn’t pinpoint anything specific but she just radiated! A friend said the same thing to me – she brought up what I said about Debra and said “I know you don’t see it, but that’s how you look too”!  Wow! Another one told me I SPARKLE!!!   And another one called me SKINNY!

Anyway, I just wanted to share my HAPPY with you! I hope you know how amazing you both are in sharing this ‘stuff’ in such an affordable way. You have both been such a huge catalyst for the changes in my life and I am so grateful!

Charlene M, Burlington ON