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OK, so here’s the skinny on water.  And why drinking ordinary bottled water (or tap water) just doesn’t cut it, when trying to rehydrate your cells.  It turns out, how well your body replicates cells depends very much on the ingredients it has to do the job with.

According to structured water expert, the late Dr. MuShik Jon:

“The regular consumption of hexagonally-structured water has been associated with: heightened immune function, rapid hydration, efficient removal of toxins, better nutrient absorption, longevity, weight loss and greater overall health”.

In his words:  “Aging is a loss of Hexagonal Water from organs, tissues and cells, and an overall decrease in total body water.” [“The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key”, Dr. Mu Shik Jhon]

Scope of the Problem

Based on the lifelong research of late Korean biochemist and water scientist, Dr. MuShik Jhon, most tap water and bottled water is composed of large water conglomerates which are too large to move freely into the cells.  This water must be reorganized within the body in order to penetrate the cells.

However, the smaller molecular structure of structured water allows for faster transit through cellular membranes.

This was verified using Bioelectrical Impendance Analysis (BIA) by Dr. MuShik Jhon.

And Masaru Emoto was one of the first of a group of writers and conscious scientists, to recognize the substantial impact that hexagonally structured water might have on the personal state of mind and wellness of the consumer…

Emoto made a connection between the structure of the water and it’s potential cellular impact.  This was the beginning of the “quantum healing” paradigm shift that was initiated in the movie that his work was featured in “What the Bleep Do We Know!?

Hydrating at a Cellular Level

Most diseases can be traced to dehydration.  It is the number one cause of stress in the human body.  When there is insufficient water, every biological function suffers.

Chronic dehydration has been linked with headaches, asthma, colitis, diabetes, heartburn, peptic ulcer pain, high blood pressure, blood cholesterol and many other symptoms.

However, our most recent research is revealing that it is not just the lack of water, but the lack of hexagonally-structured water that is of greatest importance. [Dr. MuShik Jhon, “Water and the Hexagonal Key”, 2005]

So, what’s critical is how the ingredients get inside our cells. Hexagonal Scalarwave Structured Water™ has the correct geometry, to be able to penetrate the membranes of the cells and deliver the ingredients, isnide our cells, where it can flush out toxins.

That’s especially important, since as we age, getting water to hydrate inside our cells becomes more difficult.  When we’re babies and young children, the balance between the water inside and outside the cells is 60/40 – that means that 60% of our body’s water is on the inside of our cells, and 40% on the outside.

As we age, that balance shifts to 40/60 – with only 40% being inside our cells.  And this is problematic, since it’s as we age that our bodies get increased levels of toxins and exposure to chemicals (from our food, air, water, homes and environment etc).  So, this reduced cellular absorption also contributes to chronic dehydration.

With dehydration being a major problem for almost everyone, our water super-hydrates and, if given a choice, should be the only water you drink.  Health professionals recommend drinking at least 9 liters (2 gallons) per week.  Since structured Water™ tends to liberate energy, it’s NOT recommended that you consume after 9 PM, as it may keep you up.

Our Work with Masaru Emoto

Co-creator of this technology and structured water formulas Helena Reilly reports that, due to legal restrictions we are unable to make any claims concerning our Hexagonal Scalarwave Structured Water™.  We can claim improved hydration, which is the base cause of almost every health challenge we face today.

We can point out that our Hexagonal Scalarwave Structured Water™ solutions were tested using the FDA approved  RJL Systems BIA-101Q (Quantum) Bio Impedance test equipment.  This measures; Total Body Water, Fat Free Mass, Total Body Fat, Intracellular Water, Extra cellular Water, Body Cell Mass, and Total Body distal or proximal Resistance and Reactance.

The results?  Our water out performed all other waters tested.

That’s why Masaro Emoto asked our manufacturers, Quantum Sound Therapy, to create his structured water concentrates – they’re simply the highest quality available.


Dr. Emoto’s crystal photographs confirm the changes we make, converting medical grade double distilled water, into geometrically perfect Hexagonal Scalarwave Structured Water™.

Along the way, we have produced World Champions… won Awards… and made our customers very happy.


Using Our Structured Water – How-To’s

We encourage you to drink or mix the Hexagonal Scalarwave Structured Water™ with any food, herbal shakes, protein powders, herbs or vitamin supplements etc. This can help to boost the body’s ability to absorb the nutrients.

We also recommend using distilled water as the base, to add the concentrates into – this is because, as Masaru Emoto and Dr. Jacques Benveniste (who did hundreds of tests in the late 1980.s and 1990’s) both discovered, water holds memories of where it’s been before.  Putting our concentrates into regular tap water would mean it’s going into water that’s been contaminated with toxic residues.  That’s obviously not helpful.  And, (unless it comes from really deep in the ground, where the water is still what some scientists describe as ‘wise’, rather ‘atmospheric’ water), even spring water contains memory.

Distilled water, however, has been stripped of all its memories – it’s like a tabula rasa, a brand new canvas, if you will, upon which the hexagonal structure in the water concentrates can most powerfully imprint.

And remember, we don’t add any minerals, ingredients etc. to our solutions. Everything’s accomplished through the imprinting of energy frequencies, using our proprietary sacred Scalarwave structuring process.

Want to see the power of your structured water™?  After you mix the clustered water solution with distilled water, you can shake it up and put some in a clear plastic bottle.  Place the in the freezer for a couple of days. When you re-examine the frozen water, you will see the coherent, electrified, and explosive power of our micro-clustered water…

According to research, “in the human body, structured and disordered water exist at the same time and we have shown that the body’s survival rate decreases as the amount of disordered water accumulates…”

“The greater the amount of structured water in the body, the healthier an individual is, and it is not likely that disease will invade the healthy body.  Once again, an important key to health is the amount of hexagonally-structured water we have in our bodies.  In the end, the one with the most Hexagonal Water wins!”  [Dr. MuShik Jhon,  “The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key: Scientific Evidence of Hexagonal Water and its positive influence on health! p. 83]

We have a number of choices/varieties of structured water available for you, below.  In addition to these pre-pregrammed formulas, when you have a sound healing session, your individual balancing tones can be imprinted in a bottle of structured water.  When you drink this water, your own unique balancing frequencies are being absorbed at a cellular level in your body.

Preprogrammed Formulas



The frequencies for the Spirit Molecule were added to this water.  Additional frequencies aid and assist the stimulation of the subtle pineal energy and the mystical experience,

The Spirit Molecule is often associated with out of body experiences and an intensification of visual colors. This component is produced naturally by the human body.  In fact, it is found in every living being on the planet (whether animal, human or plant).  (If you’re interested in more information about the Spirit Molecule, you can watch the movie: DMT, The Spirit Molecule, about Dr. Strassman’s research.

This designer water is to help you shift your consciousness… And bring about a sense of peace and happiness.

It may help you to relax deeply, and create an enhanced sense of well-being.   Dr. Strassman reports in his research that many have experienced bliss, altered consciousness states and a reduction of fear.

Dr. Strassman and other researchers have stated that “A certain amount of the spirit molecule is required to maintain correct perception. Otherwise the world can become grey.”

Structured Water Photograph taken by Dr. Emoto

Masaru Emoto dark field microscopy photo of Indigo structured Water


Over the last 15 years we have gathered information from hundreds of thousands of voice samples and brain maps.

Brain scientist and author, Dr. Pinot has stated that the right brain is where quantum processing of information occurs.

We’ve also worked with children who have had various learning disabilities. And over the years we came to the same conclusion as Dr. Makoto Shichida, world renowned founder of over 350 Preschool Child Academies in Japan…

Dr Shichida also teaches the importance of right brain stimulation.  Masaru Emoto (EMLLOY) encouraged us to create this formula for his life long friend Dr. Shichida.

We used the information from thousands of tests, to structure a special water to encourage more right brain activity. We launched this wonderful product through our Emoto Lloy (EMLLOY ) series.


Super Calm Water

Hexagonal Water Photograph Taken by Dr. Emoto

Masaru Emoto’s photograph of Calm Structured Water

For this newly enhanced blend, we added additional energy frequencies to our original base. Supercalm is designed to deal with the mental and emotional body.

This is designed to uplift the emotions, and create a euphoric sense of well-being.  Providing balance and harmony to the nervous system, it is also a “feel good” water for general upliftment.

This beverage helps stabilize and calm the active mind. We like to think of this relaxing structured water as a means of dealing with fear and stress.


Wellness WaterThe Wellness Formula is designed to encourage maximum cell water turn-over. This will help the body flush stored toxins from the system which in turn, support the immune system in the defense of the body.

For this special formula, we created a specific Wellness Frequency Program to support and strengthen all the bodily functions. We also added a special algorithm that supports and strengthens the rhythm of the heart.

The Wellness Formula deals with the complete body:  its ability to process food for fuel; sugar imbalances that affect the adrenals (bodies energy system); as well as the strengthening of the defense and energy systems of the body.


The ability to shop online for our structured water, will be available soon. In the meantime, to order products or for more information please call deb at 888-274-1134, ext 999, or use the Contact Me page here.

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