Our Structured Water

Joanna –
“Thanks for the session at the yoga show. It was nice to meet you and connect. After the session and then that night I listened to the CD – I felt so calm. I felt as if all my missing pieces (that i didn’t even know were missing) were filled in….  Amazing.
Here’s an interesting story…” [Read more here]   
Cecile, BC – Thoughts on the Spirit Molecule Water
“Very uplifting, feeling more cheerful and buoyant, less easily ruffled. Much more physical … [read more here…]
Chandler, Alberta – 

Got the some of the water today, immediately started using it, and all I can say is Wow! It was like a month of stress drained from my body, and I suddenly feel … [read more here…] Cecile P, BC –

Cecile P, BC –

We observed cleansing symptoms: loose stool, sweating, oily skin. This is now dissipating and we’re noticing a sense of grounded vitality, homeostasis, balance… [read more here…]