Surrendering in Trust

Here’s my experience, from the 2nd time I listened to the tele-seminar meditation of Nov. 13, 2013.

Part of what was so profound for me, in this process, was the content (which is very powerful and beautiful for me).

But part of it was my willingness to sit within surrendering to trust, even when the going got tough (and it did – I could barely stay in my body and complete the meditation, the first time I listened – I felt like I’d consumed about 20 large coffees… and I don’t drink coffee!).

This second time I listened, the following day, the first 1/2 of the meditation was incredibly peaceful – that’s when I got these messages…

But the second half of that 2nd meditation was intensely uncomfortable again. Only my messages, and my persistence in both recognizing something important was going on, and my willingness to see it through, kept me going.  I still had absolutely no idea what on earth this was all about for me.

Zero understanding.

It wasn’t until after the 2nd time, after I’d cleared the block, that I finally understood. And then the understanding flooded in – it made total sense to me… It was the central fear, from the last 13,000 years’ worth of karmic lessons, that I was feeling… and dumping. Finally.  But prior to that, as I’d been going through it, I had absolutely no awareness.  I felt so much gratitude for this gift.  Beyond measuring, it felt absolutely priceless to my soul’s evolution.

If anyone wonders if these online tele-seminars are powerful… I hope they read this, and really feel just how powerful they are – they totally changed my life…

After a lifetime of trying different healing ‘tools’, these are the only ones I’ve found that have done this.  Simply.  And quickly.  In just 2 sessions.  Online.  Wow.  Without me needing to first consciously understand it.  Double wow.

Here’s the message I received that second time, from my future self… (from only 6 months from when I first listened to this tele-seminar series). I can’t wait to get there… 🙂

“Re: next steps – keep trusting and riding the wave – listening and following through. In one month, you’ll have planted the seeds and begin to see them growing into strong plants.

In 3 months, you’ll be ecstatic – feeling heavenly blessed – the plants are large and strong, and beginning to drop new seeds which are also growing.

In 6 months, where I am now, you won’t hardly recognize your life – the plantings will be large and lush, and continuous growth happening in cycles – a rich deepening. Just keep following what you are being given each day. Keep listening and following, acting on what you’re receiving.

There are many who support us – including me – you succeeding in this is both a win-win-win for all, and a forgone conclusion. Trust this. Keep doing your tones. And listening to these meditations – you will be growing very quickly – it has already begun. Though these may feel like baby steps, they are not.

You’ll look back from here, where I/you now am… and be amazed at how everything came together, conspiring for your success. Pay attention to the miracles that are blossoming all around you.

Remember to celebrate, within love and gratitude – this is the oil that greases the wheels of change. Slow down, and enjoy the ride. There’s no rush. Just enjoyment and love and gratitude. Within divine service.”

Within so much love and gratitude,

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