Does This Technology Really Work?

Sooner or later, some of us who use this technology end up wondering – Does this technology really work?

Maybe we had a profound experience early on with it, and that’s no longer happening…

Or, maybe the effects are so subtle and we’re just not noticing it (given there’s little ‘training’ any of us get in tuning into our more subtle bodies – like the spiritual and that most elusive 5th body of ‘all possibilities’, or the creative void out of which all creation manifests, where some of the changes are happening too)…

Or, maybe we just get ‘used to’ living in the scalar field and life unfolding more easily.  After all, it’s hard to compare our current experiences with the technology, with not having the technology (since both obviously can’t happen at the same time).

Well, regardless of the cause, this most important question sometimes arises – Does this technology, this way of clearing stress from our lives, really work?

My recent experience

I’m wanting to share my own personal experience with you, about this.

I’ve been living within the scalar field created by these tools, for over 5 years now.  And sometimes drinking the water regularly.  And sometimes doing a voice assessment session and listening to my balancing ‘soul tones’.  And feeling the difference these have made in my life – less reactivity to stress, more relaxation, deepened creativity, and times of blissful joy in just living in the moment (unrelated to doing anything in particular).

About 4 months ago, I got my Tesla iQube (HOORAY!!!), turned it on – and felt like I’d been given such a powerful, beautiful gift.

I kept my Tesla by my bedside and developed this new delicious habit:  almost every night, I listened to my soul tones (my personal balancing frequencies) as I went to sleep.  In the morning, I listened again, as I was waking and welcoming the new day. (What a beautiful way to begin and end each day, by the way).

image of courageous questing wellness office, with Tesla iQubeWell, fast forward a few months until about a month ago, when I moved my Tesla to my new office (that’s it, over there nestled into the middle of my wall unit), where others in my groups and individual sessions could also benefit.  And I moved my Theta Love iQube (which I also love dearly) from my office, back home beside my bed.

However, for some very specific reasons (connected to a perfect storm between my room configuration, my TLC wires and my tech challenges – don’t ask! 🙂 ), this change has also meant I’ve been unable to as easily listen to my voice assessment frequencies at bedtime and in the morning.  Although the TLC has been running all the time, and I’ve been drinking our water daily, I haven’t been listening to my personal balancing frequencies.

So (not that I consciously connected this until this morning) what I did notice was: my life became more challenging. I became more easily emotionally reactive.  And I had more difficulty letting go of my old stories.  There were fewer joy-full moments for me.

It was a real puzzle to me.  The other day, I described this to some friends as – “I dunno, feels like there’s something missing.  I seem to keep falling back into my old stories (and some old family dramas) more easily.  I’ve been digging myself out consciously… But continuing to fall back into those holes again.  This digging out and falling back in went on for a couple of weeks.  I also notice I’ve become more resistant again.  I just don’t get it.”

I couldn’t understand what was going on… Until the penny dropped while talking this morning with another sound coach:  I stopped listening to my balancing frequencies on a daily basis.

Maybe this doesn’t sound like a big deal to you.  But for me, it was like a mega-watt lightbulb moment: I just hadn’t seen the connection between stopping my daily soul tones practice… and my daily struggles increasing.

So, if some of you with an iQube out there are experiencing this question of – ‘Does this technology really work’ – I strongly encourage you (seriously) to stop listening to your soul tones… and turn off your technology… and stop drinking our structured water.  Give it a good month without, and see how your life goes during that month.

You can use the Quantum Sound Healing Change Checklist, both before and after… or try journaling, to consciously capture your experiences.

I can’t say, obviously, what you’ll discover.  But if you’re anything like me, what you might discover is this:  Yes, the effects of this technology can be subtle.  And yes, our human consciousness sometimes struggles to notice all the subtle ways these tools make our lives so much easier.

Image and quote re studies on sound healingBut for me at least, my experiences showed me my answer to this question – Heck yes.  This technology works!  And personally I don’t need any more ‘proof’ than what I’ve already experienced.

So I’m going back to what works for me – leaving my iQubes running 24/7… drinking our structured water… and listening to my balancing frequencies daily.  This is the ‘recipe’ that makes my life flow so much more easily and enjoyably.

If you don’t have an iQube in your life, and wonder what difference listening to your own balancing frequencies might make in your daily experiences of living, please contact me here, to look at what might serve you best (perhaps an individual session, or one of my groups – I also have regular introductory groups to test it out)

To read more about my services, you can dive into that here…

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