Into the Sound Vibration of Love

Image and quote re the sound of love.The sound vibration of Love?  What’s that mean, you may be wondering…

Well, it begins with a story.  In 1938/39, just as the world was heading into the 2nd world war, the music industry made what was to be an incredibly important shift.

Some say it has continued to influence our music, and through it, our planet, our hearts and our Love…

Concert tuning of instruments was shifted from F#528 Hz, into F#440 Hz.   All musicians followed suit, beginning to tune their instruments into alignment with this new “concert tuning”.  It became the ‘standard tuning”.

How’s this signficant?

Image and quote re: vibration of loveWell, F#528 is a natural frequency, which is aligned with the planet, the heart of the rainbow (ie. light moving from the sun through water), and our own heart resonance.

Even NASA sscientists have apparently reported recording the frequency of the sun’s vibration as being around 528Hz.

It’s what classical composers, and Gregorian chanters, some say, used across the ages.  Up until 1938/39…  Just prior to the outbreak of WW2.

I’m no musician, so I don’t claim to understand the intricacies of this.  But the timing of this intrigues me.

The new concert tuning, (for A above middle C = 440Hz, which means F#, which is associated with the heart chakra, = 741 Hz), is reported to be discordant and  somewhat dissonant, creating what some have termed “spiritual suppression”.

Image and quote about reclaiming peace through sound

Peace Monument, Woolacombe Bay, Devon, UK

And that happened right at the beginning of the biggest war our world has known (in recorded history).  Hmmm….

John Lennon, it is said, tuned his beautifully evocative song “Imagine” in the 528 frequency resonance.  Paul McCartney also transitioned into 528 for “Band on the Run”.

And if you check out 528LOVERevolution online, you’ll be able to read more about this, and listen to other music that’s been shifted into the vibration of love.  You can even assist, by transposing some of your own favorite songs into 528Hz, so others can enjoy too.  Check it out, and see if you can feel the love!

Image and text about hearing love and Be-ing love.And more than this, it’s just a great reminder, that we are all responsive to sound, even when we don’t pay attention to it consciously.

It’s good to consciously put the frequencies of love all around us.  Spread the joy.  We all benefit from this.

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  1. Woods Elliott says:

    Wow, soul friend, I can’t wait to check out your site here. Feel blessed to have met you in Rose Diamond’s Tribe in Transition workshop this year and our keen mutual friend Kathleen in Ireland. How special is the gift of found hope in such seemingly hopeless times?! Will share more when I’ve read your offerings. Beautiful site, beautiful you, Deb!

    • Deb Svanefelt says:

      Just seeing this now, Woods – your beautiful love and comments, hidden amongst the spammy comments. Thank you so much for visiting my site… Looking forward to connecting again in a couple of weeks. Until then, sending you much love and gratitude, deb

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