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For Immediate Release.

Transforming Into Love… with Clearly Conscious Energetics

Dec 5 to 7 2014 – from 7 p.m. Friday Dec 5 through Sunday Dec 7, 2014

Orangeville, ON.  Nov. 12 2014 – Clearly Conscious Energetics is holding its first ever Harmonic Convergence to Love weekend event.   It’s a full weekend retreat of playing together, within the scalar field created by the divine science tools of Quantum Sound Therapy… plus human intention.

Still not sure what that means?  Well, it’s a weekend event intended to help shift human consciousness out of being fear-driven and seeing ourselves as separate from others, into loving again.

Co-owner Bill Little says it this way – “Love is something that’s not well understood.  Most people seem to think love is this human emotion.  Love is far more than that.  [It’s] about accepting every person for who they are, respecting that individual… Love is about an energy, a way of life… which is really about why we’re on the planet, in human form.  We come in to experience love.  And yet, we go through most of our lives and experience everything but love.”  And that creates stress.  

So, if you’re wanting to participate by stepping up your own evolutionary process… while hanging out with other like-minded people…

And are curious to try out cutting edge sound therapy tools… which allow effortless clearing, and speed up the process of releasing stress… all of which are intended to help you open to experiencing love…

This weekend retreat, set in the beautiful rolling hills of the Hockley Valley (less than an hour NW of Toronto), promises to provide delicious healthy meals and lodgings, in addition to both group and individual opportunities to clear out stress patterns, while experiencing the coherent field created by these scalar tools.  Add in structured water, plus your own personalized balancing tones, and a free mp3 player with headset… plus a ton of fun… and you’ve got the recipe ingredients to release stress and step back into love.

Deadline for registration: Nov. 27th 2014.

For more information on this inaugural event, call Ann at 888 – 274 – 1134, or check out the website at

‘About’ – At Clearly Conscious Energetics, practicing unconditional love is the driving force for Bill and Ann’s life journey. Up until the last few years they spent their lives working in the traditional corporate world. Once they began to use these amazing technologies their life and journey rapidly changed. Now their life passion is about sharing love and these amazing technologies with people and practitioners around the world.

### Media Contact: For more information, contact Ann Sahadath, 1 – 888 274 – 1134; Website:    Facebook: Clearly Conscious Facebook Email: AnnatClearlyConsciousdotca    Check out their video on YouTube at: Clearly Conscious TV

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