We Are Beings of Frequency

Never did I realize the truth that we are beings of frequency, as when I watched the movie: “Resonance – Beings of Frequency”.

We’ve immersed ourselves in an ocean of electro-magnetic radiation … it’s all around us now.  It’s invisible.  We can’t see it.  But we know it’s there…

It’s impossible to turn the clock back.  But we need to be aware of the adverse effects, so we have the choice of minimizing the effects of exposure.

At present, the World Health Organization’s statements regarding this field of electro-magnetic radiation, and the deleterious effects, are real.

I strongly encourage you to watch this film, and educate yourself about the impact of EMF’s, microwaves and cell phones on all of us – whether we use these items or not.  This is not dissimilar to the impact of second hand smoke on our health (except, of course, it’s easier to feel the impact of second hand smoke, given we can see, and smell the smoke).

Hear what experts from several fields of scientific study have to say, about the risks, and how they’re being identified, clarified, and clarified by businesses promoting these tools.  And then draw your own conclusions.

In the end, this is one of the aspects of the IQube technology that I feel quite grateful for – the field of coherent, scalar energy, which is created by our IQubes, appears to provide a protective bubble, in dealing with, or recovering from, all the invisible sound smog that’s all around us…

So, grab some organic popcorn, and settle in for a fascinating look at the evidence that’s only now beginning to come in, about sound pollution.  Here’s another link to the movie: Resonance – Beings of Frequency

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