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Image and quote re: welcome to courageous questing where we understand that we are the cosmos made consciousWelcome to Courageous Questing Wellness… where we can all explore letting go of old stress habits, to step into living within greater joy and creativity… within more of our human potential.

It takes real courage to step outside our ‘comfort zone’, even when staying there may be making us feel miserable (at least it’s familiar).

Committing ourselves to making real change means stepping into our own discomfort, and facing what feels fearsome to us.  Change means facing an unknown… and that creates discomfort…

Image and quote re: comfort zonesUsually (historically speaking), when we’ve been stuck in discomfort, this has entailed entering some sort of ‘talk-therapy’ to support us as we enter what feels like fearsome territory.

And lots of times this can take some years to accomplish, given our own ambivalence about stepping away from our familiar patterns, into new ones.

But it’s not necessary that it be so.  It need not take years and years.  It need not take agonizingly sifting through old and painful memories to finally let them go.

Image and quoye about amcient tradition of sound healingOn this site, you’ll find sound information (pun intended 🙂 ) and sound healing techniques and tools, to support you on your journey.

Because the truth is, as much as you don’t need to take years and years, you also don’t need an ‘expert’ to tell you what to do, where to go, or how to accomplish what you want in life.

You have all the answers you’ll ever need, inside yourself.  It just takes courage to seek them out… learn to trust them… and surrender into your own inner wisdom.

Image and quote about treating ourselves tenderly.Maybe your reaction is to feel doubtful about this.  In our culture and current times, we really haven’t been taught much about trusting our own innate wisdom.

Oftentimes, we don’t even know how to access that part of our consciousness.  We just push on through, carrying our stress with us, assuming there is no other way forward…

That’s what this site is here for – Here, you’ll find resources, supports, tools, information and a community of others who are similarly searching, and finding their own “other way forward”.

Image and quote abou collective changeBecause it’s also true that as humans, we can learn best in community, within relationship with others.

Welcome to Courageous Questing Wellness.

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