What is Quantum Relativity?

When we first introduce people to our sound healing tools (the iQubes), people often look confused about the ‘scalar field’ the iQubes create… about how they’re connected to quantum physics and quantum reality – life at the infinitessimally small level (which is really all life everywhere).

image and quote - A unified, conscious energy field generates the entire cosmos.  David Wlcox, "The Synchronicity Field"Sometimes we call this ‘the field of One’, the Unified Field, or a ‘zero point’ energy field.  None of these terms create greater clarity for most of us.  The more we try to discover and explain, the deeper down the rabbit hole we seem to find ourselves tumbling…

Fact is, we’re all still working to understand these concepts, whether we’re quantum physicists trying to explain the Big Bang theory (without using ‘before’ and ‘after’ time constructs, since they don’t exist in the quantum field’s timelessness), or the rest of us, trying to understand why these tools seem to have such a profound influence on how we experience life here on earth.

I found this awesome, short and understandable video that explains these concepts (and it’s written as a blog post, if you prefer to read it).

“If you start with our quantum nature as our reference, everything changes…

You were not born to live in fear.  You were not born to bow your head or bend your knee.   You were not born to be a debt slave.  You were not born to be a corporate commodity…

It doesn’t have to be this way.  Choose something different.   Find that millimetre of free will within and expand it.  As you do you’ll start to realize that reality is a creative process, not a mechanical, linear progression. [my italics]

You are the quantum singularity interacting with itself. [my italics]  The more we wake up to that, the wider the possibilities become.”

And that’s where creating a field of conscious quantum energy around you, with an iQube, seems to create a difference that makes a difference:  Think of it as  intensifying our conscious awareness of the unified nature of the ‘field’ within which we all exist.  That “millimetre of free will” is also intensified… and we’re able to live more consciously, to create change more easily, and to find our joy in living more readily.

It’s still deeply challenging to wrap our linear-time-loving brains around concepts where linear time really doesn’t exist.  But I find it helpful to understand just how different, and how powerful, the field created by the iQubes really is – at the level of quanta, it’s really all there is…

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